Let’s Help Build an Amazing Museum in Killeen!

By chet | September 22, 2020

This post sponsored by the National Mounted Warfare Foundation.

The National Mounted Warfare Foundation is opening a world-class museum in Killeen, TX, to honor all the soldiers who have served in mounted combat since the beginning of our country. It’s going to be a place where you can learn their stories and honor their legacies. Oh, and they’ll have TANKS! It’s also going to be just outside of the 1st Cavalry Division’s horse stables so visitors can watch practices and parades.

I chose to buy a brick for my grandfather and be part of it. These bricks will not only support the construction of the museum, but will be placed on the museum’s walkway, so you and your loved one will literally become a part of this historic institution. Would you join me in supporting such an important cause? Some day I’ll get to take my kids here and tell them the stories of the men and women who made incredible sacrifices for our country – including their great-grandfather.

HONOR A VET, BUY A BRICK HERE: https://nmwfoundation.org/

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