Summer of Trippin’ WINNERS

By chet | August 14, 2020

In June, we challenged y’all to a Summer of Trippin’, and y’all really went for it. We had folks trippin’ all over Texas, and even in a couple of other states! You showed that no pandemic can dampen your wandering Texan spirits, and we loved seeing your photos.

Here are our picks for Overall Winner, the winners for each of the 5 challenges and a couple of Honorable Mentions, who were so awesome, we couldn’t let them go unnoticed.

If you’re on this list, please share and brag with all your friends. Also, check your social inbox as we’ll be touching base and sending you your special Daytripper prize!

Overall Winner

This family doesn’t mess around when it comes to trippin’! They tripped their way across the Hill Country where they completed ALL FIVE TASKS! They ate tons of BBQ and splashed around in multiple swimming holes. They learned about dinosaurs, alligators and Stonehenge (oh my!) with Flat Chet, and even used The Daytripper Field Guide App to navigate to Bandera! Plus, check out Flat Chet’s marker mask. Very Stylish. CONGRATS Y’ALL! We’ll be sending you a $100 Gift Card for The Daytripper World Headquarters and the Daytripper Online Store!


We chose 5 winners that came up with the coolest ways to check off the 5 tasks on our trippin’ list. Each of these winners will receive a $50 Gift Card for DTHQ!

TASK 1: Eat at a BBQ Joint

Photo by Michael Winsor

Y’all ate alot of good ‘que this summer, but our top pick was Michael. Not only did he have breakfast tacos at one of our favorite spots, Rudy’s Bar-B-Q, but check out his Flat Chet! Not only is he laminated, but he’s wearing a mask to protect him from those scary looking viruses floating around him. Very creative! CONGRATS MICHAEL W.!

TASK 2: Jump in a Texas Swimmin’ Hole!

Photo by Nicohla Morrison

These folks made a splash in quite a few Texas swimmin’ holes, from tubing in Lake Travis to exploring the waterfalls of Lake Buchanan. Plus, she was able to hold onto Flat Chet while wakeboarding. And mad skills like that have to be rewarded. CONGRATS NICHOLA M.!


Photo by Heather Morgan

From the looks of it, these folks learned a whole lot. They tripped from the Round Rock Honey to Stonehenge and everything in between, and we love how they did it in Daytripper style! CONGRATS HEATHER M.!


Photo by Caroline Reyna

It’s safe to say Caroline and her husband had the most miles tripped this summer with Flat Chet. In one summer, they managed to travel 3,900 miles all over the state, from Far West Texas to the Hill Country, up to the Metroplex and back down to San Antonio and South Texas — all with Flat Chet in tow! Whew! CONGRATS Y’ALL!

TASK 5: Use the Daytripper Field Guide App

Rachel used her Daytripper Field Guide App to navigate her way on an epic road trip down Route 66, and we were very impressed. And also hungry for more of that pie… CONGRATS RACHEL!


Each of our Honorable Mentions will receive a $20 Gift Card to DTHQ!

Jennifer managed to complete all five tasks AND make Flat Chet this super awesome sand-mermaid-tale and that definitely deserves an award.

Things got wild here, but luckily these folks had Flat Chet to protect them from the animals! We loved the creativity of these photos!

These folks really did take a Hill Country Adventure and made their way through multiple parks and swimming holes. It looked like a blast!

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