How do I create an account on The Daytripper Field Guide App? I can't find a link in the app.

There is no way to create an account from within the app. To sign up for a Team Daytripper account, please go to the Team Daytripper tab on our website or CLICK HERE. That’s where you can learn more about the subscription and create your account.

When do new episodes air?

We air new episodes of “The Daytripper” every October, February and May. The rest of the year, you can see reruns of the show on your local PBS Station. Please note that PBS hosts pledge drives during March, June, August and December, so your station’s usual air schedule may be different during those months.

My PBS Station isn't playing "The Daytripper." Can you help me?

If your PBS Station isn’t playing us, please contact them and let them know you miss us. Each PBS Station creates its own schedule that we have no control over. Also, please note that March, June, August and December are pledge months for many PBS Stations so their schedules may be mixed up during those months.

Do you speak at events? How can I book you for a speaking gig?

Yes, I’d love to speak at your event! Click here for more information about how to contact me.

Do you have some sort of Headquarters for trippers to day trip to?

Funny you ask that…we just opened our new Daytripper World Headquarters in Georgetown, TX in April 2019. Not only is it a place where you can buy The Daytripper merch that you love in our online store, but we also carry a huge collection of Texas-made goods that we’ve picked up on our travels around the state. Oh, and did I mention we have FREE Rentsch Beer & Mom’s Beverage Co. Lemonade on tap? Come see us! And follow DTHQ on Facebook & Instagram for special promos & news.

Do y'all make other videos, besides just "The Daytripper?"

Yes, Hogaboom Road, Inc. is a full-service production company, and you can see more of our work here. We pride ourselves on being Texas-sized storytellers, dedicated to creating content that inspires and educates. You can also follow our production work on Facebook & Instagram.

Are you hiring? Do you accept interns?

We are always looking for contractors, whether that be in production work or editing. For job inquiries, please email As of right now, our intern program is on hold, but stay tuned on our Facebook page for internship program updates.

How do you choose a city to feature on the show?

We love trippin’ Texas, so we don’t take payments from cities to feature it on the show. Instead, visit each town and take our own day trip to see what fun things there are to do there. Then, when we’ve found a city with enough awesome things that we’d like to share with YOU, we feature it on the show!

Can I pay you to feature my city?

No, we don’t take cash or any kind of payment when we visit a city. We’ve visited each city featured on the show and spent time there to find fun things. BUT, we always love hearing your suggestions on what towns to visit and things to do, so keep sending them in!

How'd you get started?

Whoa.  That’s a long story.  But it’s a good one.  My first step was deciding to do it.  Then I stopped doing other stuff that wasn’t focused on that goal, and made it happen.

Where are you from?

I was born in Comanche, TX, but did almost all my schoolin’ and rearin’ in Port Neches, TX.

You eat so much on the show, how do you not weigh 1000 pounds?

I don’t eat like I’m on a day trip every day.  I save my greasy gut bombs for filming days.  The rest of the time I try to eat pretty healthy.  And I exercise as much as I can.  I’ve gotta stay ahead of the BBQ.