The Wacky History Road Trip

By chet | October 5, 2017

The Lone Star State is full of some pretty weird and cool stuff…if you know where to look. We’ve partnered up with Austin Area Chevy Dealers to create this road trip that’ll take you to some of the most unique and quirky spots in Central Texas!

Here’s the Map:

“Dead Man’s Hole” – Marble Falls, TX

Across town from Chevrolet Buick Marble Falls, there’s a limestone cave where outlaws dumped the bodies of Union sympathizers killed during Civil War. Legend has it, if you peek into the hole, you’ll find a ghost!

Three-Legged Willie Statue – Georgetown, TX

You’ve gotta head to Georgetown to learn about the town’s favorite three-legged man, and on your way, drop by Don Hewlett Chevrolet Buick! Judge Robert M. Williamson right leg worked poorly due to an illness he had as a kid, so he walked with a wooden leg, leaving his bad leg hanging behind him. Fun Fact: Williamson County was named after “Three-Legged Willie!” You can find his statue in front of the Williamson Museum.

Hutto Hippo’s – Hutto, TX

Hutto, hometown of Covert Chevrolet of Hutto, is the “Hippo Capital of Texas.” Yet even stranger than the the town’s title, is the story of how it got it. Legend has it that in 1915, a hippo escaped from a circus train as it made it’s way through town and it took circus workers a while to finally get him out of the muddy waters of Cottonwood Creek. The name stuck and now there are over 300 decorated hippo statues around town.

International Society of Bridge Spitters – Bastrop, TX

Near Rush Chevrolet and Covert Chevrolet of Bastrop, you’ll find one of the strangest societies in Texas… Yes, it’s real, and all you gotta do to join is you can join it! All you need to do is walk across the 1924 Colorado River Bridge and spit as far as you can over the railing – the club even gives out certificates to “spitters” at yearly events.

The Pump Jack Tour – Luling, TX

Luling watermelon kid

Only in Texas could you find a town filled with decorated pump jacks! Take this strange tour to see everything from quarterbacks to killer whales for a weirdly perfect combo of liquid gold and artistic expression. The tour might even take you by Carroll Barron’s Luling Chevrolet!

Rohan Meadery – La Grange, TX

As you pass through town, be sure to visit the friendly folks at Ovideo Chevrolet, then head to one of the state’s oldest meaderies on a farm in La Grange to toast to Central Texas. Since the 1880s, Rohan Meadery has been making old-fashioned honeywine like the vikings used to drink. Sample the mead to see what all the “buzz” is about, chill with the farm animals and learn more about the mead-making process with a guided tour of the bee garden and hives.

 The Wittliff Collection – San Marcos, TX

On the top floor of the Texas State University library is an incredible collection of Lonesome Dove memorability from scripts to costumes. Museum founder Bill Wittliff was the producer and screenwriter for the TV show. While you’re there, swing by to see the folks at Chuck Nash Chevrolet!

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