Season 6 – Athens, TX

By Todd White | February 6, 2015

Who needs to travel to Greece when you’ve got a Texas version right here.  While Athens, TX may not have 7,000 years of history and the Acropolis, there is way more to do in this East Texas town than you might think. You’ll learn how an Athens native named “Old Dave” and/or “Uncle Fletcher” invented a little thing we call the hamburger. Don’t miss the SCUBA show in town where an underwater diver feeds and talks about our native fish and If you’re looking to get into the water, then just a few blocks from the square is the Athens SCUBA park. If a high-flying, thrilling adventure is what you are after, then head to nearby New York, Texas for a zip line adventure with NY TX Zipline Adventures.  You’ll be amazed at this hidden mountain range in East Texas and feel free as a bird flying through the pines. There’s so much to do in Athens you won’t want to miss this episode!

Be sure to tune into you local PBS station to watch.

You can also catch the show online. Check out our Athens episode page for the link.

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