Meet the Crew – Richie Lozano

By Todd White | January 6, 2015

Howdy Daytrippers, today we continue our series on the blog called “Meet the Crew.” This week we feature Richie Lozano…and he decided to take a different approach. After all, one of his roles is DP for the show.

Richie will be answering the following questions:
Where do you call home in Texas?
What’s your role and how did you get involved with The Daytripper?
What’s been your favorite episode to film and why?
What’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten while on a shoot and what is your go-to road snack?
What’s the funniest/weirdest thing you remember happening on a shoot?
What kind of music do you like to rock out to on the road?
What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for the show?
What’s your idea of the perfect day trip?​

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