73 Talkin’ Texas: Our Texas Travel Bucket Lists, Ghosts & Bacon Burnt Ends Beer / January 2021

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Vaya con Dios 2020 & thank goodness for 2021! This month, it was a New Years Eve miracle as Chet frolicked in the Texas snow, Daniel got a new puppy and Linsey baked homemade Buc-ee’s Beaver Nuggets for Christmas.

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Listen above or watch the Youtube Video below.

And, as always we got some love, hate and just all-around weird letters from folks across the country. We also answer the listener questions:

Would you rather drive from Amarillo to Brownsville or Houston to El Paso?

Who was your favorite teacher & how did they inspire you? 

And an out-of-stater asked, How do Texans divide up the regions of Texas? 

Meanwhile, just because it’s 2021 doesn’t mean there aren’t still alot of weird things happening in Texas — a couple spotted a GHOST in their backyard during the Holidays, an app allows you to fall asleep with Matthew McConaughey whispering in your ear and a brewery in Fort Worth, TX is serving up some strange beer flavors — including the famous Best Maid’s Pickle Beer and Bacon Burnt Ends Beer.

And we take our Texas Music Minute to listen to the “Colors” by Black Pumas, who have been nominated for multiple Grammys!

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