71 Talkin’ Texas: Skydiving, Pumpkin Spice Margs, and Christmas Decorating TOO early / December 2020

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It’s November.  Chet went skydiving, Linsey tried a pumpkin spice margarita, and Daniel is already fully decorated for Christmas – CRAZY!  How early is too early?

Listen above or watch the Youtube Video below.

We got some love (and hate) letters from folks across the country and also answer the listener questions:

How do you choose a good day trip for kids?

Do the episodes really only take a day to film?

Meanwhile, in Texas — VHS rentals are no more as I LUV Video closes, a Texas taco institution is ruining the margarita (or are they?), and Christmas decorations are out of control.

And we take our Texas Music Minute to listen to Crowder’s new record – CRUSHING SNAKES

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