69 Talkin’ Texas / September 2020

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It’s time once again to talk some Texas! And this time, Linsey and I have a special guest — Daniel! Tune in as we discuss if 2020 can get any weirder, cloning pets, mum masks, our favorite kinds of tacos and more!

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Listen here or watch the Youtube video.

We have some fun fan rants and also answer the listener questions:

Have you ever driven across Texas from Orange to El Paso?

Have you ever eaten anywhere the food was gross?

Do you prefer crunchy, soft, or fluffy tacos? (Plus, is a soft tortilla a burrito or a taco? Join the discussion here.

We discuss some strange Texan current events, including the return of bears to the Valley, the most Texan response to the pandemic: “Mum Face Masks,” and the new process of cloning your pet!

And we take our Texas Music Minute to listen to The Chicks’ new upbeat tune, “Texas Man.

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