Just because we’re still in quarantine times (sorta), doesn’t mean there’s not still a ton of crazy stuff happening in Texas for us to talk about. Tune in as Todd, Linsey and I discuss the re-opening of Texas, raccoons, time travel, Willie Nelson’s top hits, the generosity of Texans during tough times and more!

Listen here or watch the Youtube video.

We have some fan rants and also answer the listener questions:

If you could travel anywhere in Texas history, where would you go and who would you take? 

What is the inspiration for the name of your production company: Hogaboom Road, Inc.?

We discuss what’s happening in Texas, including waking up with a raccoon in your bed, a man leaving a massive tip on reopening day to help out a Texas restaraunt and the principal of Wylie High School visiting all 600 of his graduating seniors at their homes. 

And we take our Texas Music Minute to listen a track from what Texas Monthly has named Willie Nelson’s top hit. 

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