72 Talkin’ Texas: Texas Absinthe, World’s Largest Pizza & Battery-Powered Christmas Sweaters / December 2020

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It’s Christmastime in Texas, y’all! Chet and Daniel got into some Texas Absinthe and Linsey’s wearing a battery-powered ugly Christmas Sweater. Oh, and apparently some people think Chet’s lazy for having a beard. Are beards really for lazy men?

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Listen above or watch the Youtube Video below.

We got some love (and hate) letters from folks across the country and also answer the listener questions:

How did you get started as The Daytripper? 

What’s on y’all’s trippin’ playlist? 

Have you ever returned to a restaurant for seconds? 

Meanwhile, in Texas — there’s tons of Christmas fun you can safely experience, a couple in East Austin 3D-Printed a couple scenes from “Home Alone” and a dog made his own “Homeward Bound”-style journey across the Hill Country.

And we take our Texas Music Minute to listen to “Pretty Heart” by Parker McCollum (who, by the way, is from Conroe, TX)!

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