74 Talkin’ Texas: Aliens in Austin, Best Tex-Mex? & Armadillo Leprosy / March 2021

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Hey y’all — we’re finally back with a new podcast. We know it’s been a while, and honestly it’s because we’re still thawing out after Snowvid… We have ALOT to catch up on.

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Listen above or watch the Youtube Video below.

And, as always we got some love, hate and just all-around weird letters from folks across the country. We also answer the listener questions:

Where’s the best place to eat Tex-Mex? 

An out-of-stater asked, where in Texas can you see an armadillo? 

And what are the top Texas Revolution Sites to visit? 

Meanwhile, if you thought the snow was crazy, wait until you here what else has been going on in Texas since we last recorded. The Cleveland Browns’ Quarterback Baker Mayfield spotted a UFO over Lake Travis. And if you thought your electricity bill was high — wait until you hear about this $11,000 bill! Also, did you know Phil Collins’ (yes that British singer) is an avid collector of Alamo artifacts? In fact, his private collection of over 200 items is finally on display at the Alamo.

And we take our Texas Music Minute to listen to “Happy Home” by Mason Lively, who’s currently taking the country music scene by storm.

We love your questions or feedback on the show…so if you have comments or questions you’d like us to address or topics you’d like us to feature, email us at: podcast@thedaytripper.com.

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