Day Trips to Help You Celebrate America

By chet | June 28, 2019

Happy Independence Day! We wanted to give you a way to celebrate your love for America and your Texan pride this July 4th — and since the holiday lands so close to the weekend — here are a couple of the most America-themed day trips you can take in Texas.

George Washington Museum – Laredo, TX

You already knew Laredo was home to some of the best tacos Texas has to offer…but did you know that it’s also home to the largest George Washington Birthday celebration in America? It’s true. And it’s based off a crazy folktale that involves Washington and Pocahontas visiting town. Check out the museum about this birthday celebration to see the handmade dresses locals wear in the Martha Washington Ball each year!

Hillsboro, TX

Hillsboro is your one-stop-shop for all things Americana. Trip through nostalgia at the Roadside America museum with classic cars and memorabilia or sip a milkshake at the old-timey A-Tiskit-A-Tasket Soda Fountain. Make sure to see the Texas Heritage Museum, which tells the story of brave Texans who fought for American independence. It’s an amazing place to pay respect to these incredible men and women for their sacrifices.

Portrait of a Warrior Art Gallery – Baytown, TX

Head to Baytown to see the gallery of Ken Pridgeon who has painted beautiful portraits memorializing every fallen soldier from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of the paintings include special details about each soldier’s life and family. It’s incredible.

Nokona American Ballgloves – Nocona, TX

You can’t have 4th of July without America’s favorite past time. Tour the last true American ballglove factory to see how these gloves are handmade with care, just like they have been since 1934!

Space Center Houston – Houston, TX

One small step for tripper, one giant leap for tripper-kind. Spend the day playing astronaut and celebrating the final frontier at the nation’s main control center for space exploration since the 1960s. See rockets, check out mission control and maybe even eat some astronaut food.

Presidential Archives & Leadership Museum -Odessa, TX

This just might be one of Odessa’s best kept secrets. This museum has a unique collection of exhibits dedicated to the Office of the president, with artifacts like the president’s chair in Marine 1 (the helicopter that flies the presidents from place to place). And out back is the Bush family home. While you’re in the area, check out George W. Bush’s childhood home in Midland.

Route 66 – Texas Panhandle

It doesn’t get more Americana than this. Take a trip down the Texas stretch of the iconic highway that winds its way across the states to see roadside attractions from yesteryear and eat plenty of homemade pie.

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