Laredo is also one of Texas's most historic cities as well as the gateway city to Mexico, making for one GRANDE trip. You can see the passion of these folks in the homemade foods, well-preserved culture and even their annual George Washington birthday celebration. This town is filled with the best of both Texas and Mexico!


San Bernardo Avenue

To really immerse yourself in the true culture of Laredo, head to San Bernardo Avenue District¬†where you’ll find tons of Mexican import stores — and my favorite is Basket and Pottery Alley. This store is packed with imports like crushed pink velvet hats, Mexican dresses and brightly colored knick-knacks.

San Agustin de Laredo Historic District

Just walking around the San Agustin de Laredo Historic District, you can learn so much about Laredo’s history. This plaza in the heart of town is surrounded by buildings from the 1700s-1800s, like the San Agustin Cathedral built in 1872, Casa Ortiz which was built in 1830, and La Posada — a hotel that used to be the high school.

Republic of the Rio Grande Museum

At the Republic of the Rio Grande Museum, you can learn about an era in Laredo’s past when it was its own country after the Texas Revolution. The museum, itself, is housed in the Capitol Building for the Republic of the Rio Grande and throughout it, you’ll find artifacts from that era.

George Washington Museum

This town is also home to the largest George Washington Birthday celebration in America based off a strange origin story containing both Washington and Pocahontas. Unfortunately, since filming, the George Washington Museum, home to the elegant handmade dresses worn by locals each year in the Martha Washington Ball and Pocahontas Pageant, has closed.


Taquitos Ravi

Taquitos Ravi is a local family-owned taqueria that was opened across the border 40 years ago but was so popular it opened locations all over Laredo — and thank goodness for that! Stop in for some of the best street tacos you’ve ever tasted¬†— I dare you to try the delicious “tripas” tacos (deep fried intestines). You’ll thank me later!

Las Amorosas

When you need a pick-me-up, Las Amorosas serves up a mean Pina Preparada, which is a beverage of your choice poured inside a hollowed out pineapple and piled with apples, oranges, gummy bears, and so many other goodies. It’s basically a real-life candy mountain you stick in your mouth!

Las Kekas

After a long day of tripping, head to Las Kekas for a truly authentic Mexican dinner. The menu is a tour of Mexico, with famous dishes from each region. I suggest Las Kekas’s signature namesake dish which is basically a fried quesadilla that can come stuffed with 21 different fillings from shrimp to cactus!


Paddling the Rio Grande

Get a different view of Laredo by paddling the Rio Grande where you can see Mexico right across the river! Despite what you may have heard, this river has alot of security to make you feel safe. It’s a peaceful 4 mile run filled with lush vegetation and tons of rare birds like King Fishers and Green Jays.

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