In the Northern Red River Valley is this land that's just as full of history as it is with incredible leatherworks! Stop into this North Texas town for a handmade day trip!


Nokona American Ballgloves

Take a tour of the last true American ballglove factory to see how each glove is made by hand — just like it has been since 1934! See the entire process, from sewing to lacing.



Nocona Boots Factory

This historic boot factory was started by Enid Justin (daughter of Justin Boots owner) in 1925. And though it no longer makes boots, you can stop by to buy some Nocona Boots at a shop inside. It’s also the location for the Nokona American Ballgloves and an awesome brewery.


Fenoglio Boots

Fenoglio’s has been keeping the boot tradition alive since the 1880s, and there’s a reason they’ve been around so long. Not only can you find quality boots, but you’re sure to find a variety of boots — from bison to elephant — that are very colorful and one-of-a-kind!


Homage to Things That Suck

Sadly the Homage to Things That Suck, with a line of vacuum cleaners bearing signs that say things like cancer, taxes and bullies, has permanently closed.

Tales N' Trails Museum

Find the history of Montague County at this museum where you can also learn more about the leather history of Nocona and even see ancient artifacts from the prehistoric days! It’s also home to the largest private collection of arrowheads in public view, with over 10 thousand on display!



Red River Station

Head about 20 minutes north of town to see the historic Red River Station, one of the most important stops on the Chisholm trail, where the cattle crossed the Red River into Oklahoma.



Red River Pizzeria

In downtown Nocona, you’ll the best of all pairings — authentic Italian pizza and Texas wine. Take one bite of their pizza, which is thin crust and just the right amount of sauce, and you’ll swear you’re in Italy! Get “The Murph” to try a little bit of everything and don’t skip out on the “Rico Road” dessert pizza.



Fenoglio's BBQ

Stop into Fenoglio’s for great barbecue served up by the town’s mayor! And this joint might just be the only place you can get a good bowl of crap — seriously! Dig into this bowl filled with sliced sausage, brisket, hamburger meat, onions, peppers and beans. It’s got an unappetizing name, but it’s one of the best meals you’ll have

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