Everybody knows about the “Big D”, but few know that “Little D" has just as much personality. For those seeking everything from fast cars to delicious food to independent art and music…sometimes bigger isn’t better and trip to Denton's just what you need.


Denton County Square

A trip to Denton proper will undoubtedly start on the Denton County Square which boasts a quirky collection of businesses,  shops and restaurants revolving around the historic Denton Courthouse, where you’ll find a museum about the county. To explore 3 stories of paperback books and vintage LPs, head to Recycled Books. If you are seeking a truly unique treasure for someone special in your life, check out the Downtown Mini Mall, with booth after booth of antiques and consignment novelties. It truly is the strangest mall in America.

Dan's SilverLeaf

While in Denton, you’ll definitely want to partake in the independent Texas music scene. From folk hootenannies happening right on the square to incredible touring acts that pass through town, Denton has a music scene that rivals all the much larger cities in Texas.  Recycled Books has a great local music section to educate yourself, but to hear it for yourself, head to Dan’s Silverleaf, my favorite local music venue in town.


Beth Marie's Old Fashioned Ice Cream

If you find yourself suddenly struck with a sweet tooth, head to Beth Marie’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream with 91 homemade flavors awaiting your mouth, including cupcake, bacon, jalapeño and my favorite – Dr. Pepper Pecan Praline. Mmmm!

Rooster's Roadhouse

If you are hungry for a tasty meal, head over to Rooster’s Roadhouse for some southern food kicked up a notch, like Texas sushi (brisket and peppers rolled in a tortilla) or brisket queso. If you are feeling seriously hungry, take on the Texas Slider Challenge and try your hand at polishing off 18 tiny burgers. Or if you are feeling seriously sadistic, take on the “Hell Burger” a small slider topped with a ghost pepper puree. It is intense!!!

Babe's Chicken Dinner

If you’re up for a short drive, head down the road to Roanoke, TX to dine at the original Babe’s Chicken Dinner which is like Sunday dinner at Grandma’s house. All homemade sides are served family style and they serve some of the best fried chicken in Texas on a giant platter. Be sure to wear your stretchy pants…


Ride around Texas Motor Speedway

Now, for those seeking the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of driving a real NASCAR stock car, join Team Texas at the Texas Motor Speedway. Few things are more exciting than cruising at 150mph around Texas’s only active NASCAR track.

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