Wichita Falls kinda stands on it's own up there in the north. But it's really worth a trip. A little bit historic, a lot a bit new and inviting -- this town is doing it's own thing and it's something you gotta experience!


The Actual Wichita Falls

If you’re wondering if this town was named after some actual “falls,” the answer is — sorta. Yes, there used to be falls, but they were destroyed by a flood in the 1800s. It’s up for debate as to where the name really comes from, but either way, you can find the “fake falls” built by the city at Lucy Park, and man are they glorious!

World's Littlest Skyscraper

Back in 1919, Wichita Falls was desperate to build up the city. A con-man came to town, showing plans for a building that would rival the tallest in the world, raising $200,000 to build it. Investors were expecting a 480 foot-tall skyscraper, but once it was built, what they really got was a 480 inch-tall building (aka 40 foot-tall building). Stop by to see the “littlest” view in Texas and shop at Hello Again, the furniture and decor store that occupies it.

B Cocoa Artisan Chocolate

This chocolate shop B Delicious…these artisan treats are edible works of art made by chocolatier Brooke, who started the shop after falling in love with the chocolates of Europe. Get a couple truffles made with European-imported ingredients and order some coffee made with Odd Duck coffee and roasted cacao beans for the sweetest afternoon pick-me-up.

Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame & Museum

Sadly, the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame & Museum has permanently closed since we filmed this episode.

Deuce P-2

This bar is a local favorite for more than one reason. It is one of only 3 drive-in bars left in America, and also probably the only place you can get a “Red Draw” — a mixture of draft beer and tomato juice.


WeeChiTah Trail

Every summer, Wichita Falls hosts a famous 100-mile bike ride on this BMX track called the “Hotter than Hell” ride, but you don’t have to ride even close to that many miles to enjoy this track and really get a work out. It’s pretty intense, not only is the natural landscape of the river lowlands a thrill, but there’s a 450-ft. long raised wooden track.


Casa Mañana

For old-school Tex-Mex with a colorful twist, look no further than Casa Mañana. For 72 years, this family-owned restaurant has been serving up their signature red tacos, a local fave. These tacos don’t get their red hue from food coloring; it’s actually from a special blend of chile powder in the homemade tortillas.

Hook & Ladder Coffees & Wine Co.

Stop, drop and roll cause this cafe is setting the food industry on FIRE. With signature wines, in-house roasted coffee or handmade flat breads that hit the spot — one visit and you’ll be HOOKED.

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