For those that think Lubbock is only for Red Raiders and Panhandlers, they better think again. It turns out the “HUB CITY” has much more to do than it may let on.


Texas Tech University

The most well-known attraction in Lubbock is definitely Texas Tech University. Campus is absolutely worth a walk-around for its Spanish Renaissance architecture and numerous landmarks. Start at the Will Rogers statue that was installed with its rear end facing directly toward College Station. That’s something all college football fans can get behind (except for Aggies, that is). Then head over to the Blarney Stone which is allegedly a piece for the real Blarney Stone in Ireland that bestows eloquent speech on all who brave a kiss.

Buddy Holly Center

Just like a good Red Raider should, if you are looking to educate yourself Lubbock has lots of first-class museum.  Your first stop should be the Buddy Holly Center honoring Lubbock’s own rock and roll legend who’s impact goes way beyond the panhandle, and even Texas. At this museum you’ll see all kinds of personal items of Buddy’s, including his famous glasses!

Lubbock Lake National Historic Landmark

Take a trip back 12,000 years at the Lubbock Lake Landmark, one of the most important archaeological sites in the new world marking evidence that people have lived in this area of Texas since the Clovis age. Check out this site to learn about the folks that have called this place home for thousands of years.

Prairie Dog Town

Hundreds of prairie dogs live in their own little furry town within this bigger city at Prairie Dog Town of MacKenzie Park. The “town” was first started in the 1930’s by the Clapp family, and has grown into one of Lubbock’s biggest must-see sites. Visit Prairie Dog Pete and his fuzzy little friends to see them in their natural habitat as they scurry and scutter across the land.  




If you are looking for the grub that keeps the college kids fed, just cross the street from Tech to find Spanky’s. Now you don’t have to be enrolled in classes to enjoy the cold beer and greasy beer here. And whatever you order, don’t miss eating some of Spanky’s signature ooey gooey fried cheese.

One Guy From Italy

This one guy from Italy defintiely makes the best calzone in Texas. Not only are the calzones cheesy and stuffed with meaty goodies, but they are also bigger than your head. So get ready for a major food coma, and head to this must-stop in Lubbock.


Buffalo Springs Lake

When the panhandle heat gets to you, take a dip in Buffalo Springs Lake, the “oasis of West Texas.” This spring-fed lake is tucked away in an amazing canyon just east of Lubbock. There are some excellent swimming beaches, some excellent hiking trails and even a jumping tower for the daring.

Keep Exploring

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