As they say “Step into Real Texas.” This city may be a long haul for many Texans, but it is worth the drive and full of all kinds of classic sights that Texans need to see.


American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum

Amarillo was built on beef, and the cattle industry is still the lifeblood of town. Yet, it takes more than cows to have a successful ranch, so head to the America Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum to learn about the most popular horse breed in the world and the one that makes ranching happen. In the Hall of Fame, you’ll see both the horses and men that have made a significant impact on the cattle industry.

Historic Route 66 District

The decades of the cattle drives gave way to decades of cross-country drives on America’s “mother road” – Route 66 which passed through Amarillo.  You can visit some vestiges of this era in the Historic Rte 66 District,

The RV Museum

Explore the way folks used to travel in style at The RV Museum. See what used to be the “latest and greatest” of travel technology back in the good old days from silver bullet trailers to epic hippie vans, and take a walk down memory lane.

Cadillac Ranch

This is a classic Texas must-see spot. It was built in 1974 by art group “Ant Farm” on billionaire Stanley Marsh’s property, and over the years, it has become a tourist sensation. Stop by Cadillac Ranch to see these awesome rainbow-colored Cadillacs sticking out of the ground, and be sure to bring your spray paint to leave your mark! Be sure to check out the other strange artwork in Amarillo, the “Huge Pair of Legs” (which is exactly what it sounds like…)


Palo Duro Canyon State Park

If you’re the type that thinks the Panhandle is nothing but flat earth – you are WRONG!  And a trip to Palo Duro Canyon State Park is a must. This is officially the second largest canyon in the U.S. There is tons of hiking available, but I recommend a mountain bike ride to the Lighthouse, which is truly one of the most beautiful sights in Texas.


Youngblood's Stockyards Cafe

If you can make it to “Amarillo by Morning” then you must stop in at Youngblood’s Stockyards Cafe which serves an amazing breakfast and is attached to Amarillo’s historic stockyards. On Mondays you can even catch a live auction. And if it’s neither Monday nor a morning, you can still get a good burger or a steak.

Big Texan Steak Ranch

The other food joint you MUST check out is the Big Texan Steak Ranch, where they give out FREE 72oz steaks — but there’s one small catch – you’ve gotta eat it in one hour, along with a table full of sides. Good luck!

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