Lockhart is the officially the “Barbecue Capital of Texas.” Need we say more? There is a challenge in Texas that few brave souls attempt, but for those willing to accept this meaty mission, it carries BBQ street credibility unlike anything else. It is the Lockhart BBQ challenge. The rules are simple – eat at all 4 BBQ joints in Lockhart in one day. Good luck – and bring your antacid.


Black's Barbecue

One of the stops on your meaty journey through town is Black’s Barbecue. When it opened in 1932, it was one of the first joints in town to serve brisket, and 84 years later, you can get that tender brisket as well as juicy jalapeno cheese sausage. Yum!

Chisholm Trail BBQ

This barbecue may not be as nationally ranking as the other three, but they are definitley the local favorite. Their classic ‘que like moist brisket and meaty pork ribs combined with homemade bread and a buffet of scratch-made sides all for a great price, it might just be your favorite, too

Kreuz Market

At Kruez Market (pronounced “Krites”), there are a few barbecue-eatin’ rules: no sauce and no forks. You’ll be getting down and dirty in this meat, but after you try a few bites of their salt-and-pepper rubbed brisket and juicy sausage, you won’t mind the greasy hands.

Smitty's Market

Smitty’s Market is a barbecue feast that all started with a family feud between the owners of Kreuz Market and their sister, Nina, who owned the building. At this joint, fatty brisket is king, and pairs nicely with fresh avacados on the side. Throw in a few rings of sausage and some ribs, and you’re set.


Caldwell County Museum

For history buffs that want to stay near the meat (as well as in the middle of town), take a break from barbecue and tour the historic Caldwell County Courthouse or the Caldwell County Museum sitting inside of the old jail to learn more about the town.


Lockhart State Park

If you need a walk after all that barbecue, check out Lockhart State Park to enjoy its 9-hole golf course or take a hike along Clear Fork Creek. It’s the perfect way to prepare for more barbecue!

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