Bon Voyage, Y’all!

By chet | May 25, 2018

This Memorial Day is the perfect time to get out on the water. And whether you’re looking for a back-country boat ride, an urban river tour or an adventure on the beach, Texas has got you covered. Hop on one of these 8 boat rides to float your way through the weekend.

The Meadows Center for Water & the Environment

In San Marcos, right where the San Marcos River springs out of the ground is this center where you can hop on a glass-bottom boat and take a tour under the water. Get a pristine view of the plants and fish below the surface that call this part of Texas home. And be sure to say “hello” to the Texas River Cooter turtle if you see him!

Dryft Cycleboats

On these boats in Conroe, the party actually doesn’t start until you walk in (or start paddling…) Dryft Cycleboats are the only human-powered party boats in Texas! Grab your friends, pack your favorite drinks and paddle away. Once you’re tired of paddling, you can park the boat and dive right into the lake to cool off!

Capital Cruises Bat Tour

Sure, you might have seen the famous Mexican free-tailed bats that fly out from under Austin’s Congress Bridge at dusk…but the true action happens on the water. Hop on Capital Cruises for front row seats right underneath the bridge on Lady Bird Lake. Get an amazing view of downtown at sunset afterwards!

Caddo Outback Backwater Tours

Caddo Lake in Jefferson is both interesting and a little eerie — and it’s also easy to get turned around in the wild maze of hanging Spanish moss and giant cypress trees. Let the folks at Caddo Outback Tours take you out on an otherworldly motorboat ride around the lake, which is also home to tons of alligators and alligator gars!!

Vanishing Texas River Cruise

Honestly, these river tours on the Colorado River in Lake Buchanan have everything: cascading water falls, rocky cliffs, tons of wildlife and — depending on what time of year you go — Bald Eagles! Eagle season is November through March (so it’s over this year) but they also host a multitude of fun cruises like Winery Tours and Sunset River Cruises year-round.

Buffalo Bayou River Tour

Hop on the Buffalo Bayou in Houston to see this town from the water. On your tour, you’ll not only see some of “Bayou City’s” most beautiful sights, but you’ll also get a history lesson on the town and its beginnings as a major shipping port city. It’s the perfect mix of education and scenery.

Whooping Crane Tour

True, you might have to wake up super early in the morning, but Rockport Birding and Kayak Adventures will bring you face-to-face with some of Rockport’s fuzziest locals who love to winter in Texas. The Whooping Crane is the largest bird in North America and is endangered — with only 300 left in the wild, so it’s incredible to see so many of them. If you’re visiting in the summer, you can also hop on a Dolphin Tour!

San Antonio River Boats

These might just be some of the most well-known boat rides in Texas, but they’re a necessary sight-seeing tour all the same. Take a gentle ride down the San Antonio River to see the vibrant, bustling Riverwalk without all the walking, but with a guided tour of the city.

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