If you look past the towering skyscrapers of this giant Metropolis, you'll find that some of Houston's biggest adventures are the most hidden. International cuisine, incredibly creative artworks and inspiring historic communities are just a few of the things you'll find on your trip through hidden Houston.


Lamar Tunnel

Climb deep underground to explore Houston’s city below the actual city. In this network of tunnels, you’ll find tons of shops, restaurants and, of course, tons of Houstonians!

Buffalo Bayou Cisterns

Under the streets of Houston are the truly historic 1926 cisterns that once stored the town’s drinking water. It’s one of 5 cisterns in the world that are open for tours and the ONLY one in the nation. The dark quarters are equal parts incredibly cool and creepy.


"Burp" the Bayou

Head to the Mosbacher Bridge in downtown and push the big red button for a crazy surprise in the bayou below. It’s something you’ve gotta see for yourself to truly understand.



Project Row Houses

In the Third Ward you’ll find a truly inspiring example of history that’s been turned into art. These homes were built as housing for freed slaves, but now they have been opened up to resident artists who create amazing rotating art installations 3 times a year that highlight issues in the community.


The Orange Show

Take a walk on the weird side at one of the craziest installments of the Houston art scene. Built by a retired postal worker in his spare time from 1956-1979, the folk art of The Orange Show is both educational and  confusing. Much of his art may not make sense to you and me, but that’s sorta the point!



Smither Park

Next door to The Orange Show is another folksy art spot with all sorts of structures covered in tile mosaics made by the community. You’ll see everything from a giant fish to a throne fit for a king!



Himalaya Restaraunt

Because Houston is so ethnically diverse, you can find all sorts of amazing international cuisines! One stop you’ve got to make is to the Mahatma Gandhi District (known as “Little India”) where you’ll find all sorts of authentic Indian eats.

The most acclaimed of the Indian restaraunts in the city is Himalaya Restaraunt. It might be in “Little India” but the flavors at this authentic Indian and Pakistani joint are BIG and delicious! I highly suggest the Chicken Tikka Masala and the samosas!


Nickel Sandwich Grill

Head to the 5th Ward to chow down with the Houstonians at the Nickel Sandwich Grill (or “The Nickel” as the locals call it.) You’ll find a little bit of everything here, from barbecue and burgers to fried shrimp and boudain. It’s an authentic experience you can’t miss!


Buffalo Boat Tour

Since the “Bayou City” was originally setteled to be a major shipping port, it only makes sense that to truly experience it, you’ve gotta see the city from the water. Hop on a tour by the Buffalo Bayou Partnership to cruise this bayou that goes straight through town and learn the history of how it all started.

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