The “Bayou City” or “Space City” or “Htown” (whatever you want to call it) has a ton of really fun things to do.
More than any other Texas city, Houston breaks itself up into smaller pieces by districts and neighborhoods. I decided to spend my day in Houston by daytripping to some of my favorites. Now, I have a ton of favorite, but I narrowed it down to three districts. Here we go!


Houston Museum of Natural Science (Museum District)

In the heart of Houston is the Museum District, which contains 19 museums and is oozing with culture. If you only have time for one, make it the Houston Museum of Natural Science with incredible exhibits on Paleontology (think dinosaurs with a lot more), Egypt (yes they have mummies), gems, malacology, butterflies and tons more. You could literally make an entire day trip out of this museum.

The Menil Collection (Museum District)

You could literally make an entire day trip out of this museum. If art is more your speed, then you shouldn’t miss The Menil Collection, a free museum that is surely one of the best art museums in America. You can see Picasso, Warhol, McGrit and many more legendary artists all under one roof.


HK Dim Sum (Chinatown)

In Chinatown, you’ll find one of the largest Asian populations in America, and it’s much more diverse than just Chinese residents. I love it because it truly feels like a trip overseas without leaving Texas. I always like popping into HK Food Market for a shopping experience very different from my normal trips to the store. The fresh fish counter is something to behold. This spot is guaranteed to make you hungry, so head on over to HK Dim Sum where you can eat some of the tastiest “dim sum” that I’ve ever had. It’s basically like a full meal of appetizers.

El Real Tex-Mex (Montrose)

Unfortunately, El Real Tex-Mex has permanently closed since filming.

The Chocolate Bar (Montrose)

Sadly, the Chocolate Bar has also closed since filming.


Hermann Park (Museum District)

To get some fresh air while learning all there is to learn in the Museum District head to this park. It’s the central hub of the district, which basically makes it Houston’s Central Park. Folks come out here to picnic, ride pedal boats, see the Japanese Gardens, go to the Houston Zoo and roll down Miller Hill.

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