5 Places in Texas to Eat Rabbit

By chet | April 6, 2017

When you think of Easter, you may imagine cute fluffy bunnies that hide eggs for children to excitedly hunt for on Easter day. Well, we’ve created a list that requires you to hunt for a different kind of prize…and one that’s way more exciting for your stomach. Here are a couple places in Texas to find deliciously prepared rabbit meat. So bring your appetite and hop, jump or leap to the restaurant nearest you!

Contigo – Austin, TX


Picture by Contigo.

Hop on over to Contigo in East Austin to get your fill of bunny. They serve up a delicious rabbit and dumplings that’s just as tasty for brunch as it is for dinner. Modeled after the Contigo Ranch in South Texas, this restaurant has a beautiful patio that’s perfect for relaxing with friends and dining under the big beautiful Texas sky.

Fabi + Rosi – Austin, TX

Picture by Fabi + Rosi.

Just outside Downtown Austin is this posh little eatery where you can enjoy Peter Rabbit’s worst nightmare: Rabbit Stew (dun dun dunnnn…) All jokes aside, with tender rabbit in a rich stew of roasted parsnips, carrots, mushrooms and doughy dumplings, this classic and cozy dish at Fabi + Rosi might just be the comfort food you need after tirelessly hiding (or searching for) Easter eggs all day. Enjoy your warm stew in the flickering candlelight of this intimate dining room.

Thanh Phuong Restaurant – Pearland, TX


Picture by Thanh Phuong Restaurant.

Thanh Phuong Restaurant, located just south of Houston, dishes out delectable Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine that will make you feel like you’re overseas instead of in a small strip mall in Pearland, TX. Your taste buds will be leaping for joy after you try their specialty deep fried rabbit with garlic and french butter.

Sammy’s Wild Game Grill – Houston, TX


Picture by Sammy’s Wild Game Grill

In West Houston, at Sammy’s Wild Game Grill, you will find rabbit heaven. At this glorious restaurant, you can order rabbit sausage hot dogs, rabbit sausage salads, rabbit burgers – basically the list of rabbit specialties hops on and on… You should probably head on over there to have your own bunny-filled Easter Brunch as soon as possible!

Lonesome Dove Western Bistro – Fort Worth, TX


Picture by The Lonesome Dove Western Bistro Facebook.

Chef Tim Love is serving up rabbit in yummy abundance at his Lonesome Dove Western Bistro in the Fort Worth Stockyards. On the appetizer menu, you’ll find the truly Texan dish of Rabbit-Rattlesnake Sausage, where you can be the ultimate top of the food chain as you devour both prey and predator alike. You can also get Rabbit Confit with Seared Scallops as an appetizer and Rabbit Tenderloin and Confit Leg with Sheperd’s Pie for a main course.

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