If you’ve only seen I-35, then you haven’t seen San Marcos. This laid back college town deserves a day (or more) to explore. So jump on in, the water's nice and cold...


The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment

The beautiful San Marcos river pops out of the ground at the Meadows Center and travels downstream until it merges with the Guadalupe River. On its journey through town, it is one of the most pristine and stunning rivers in Texas. Take a glass-bottom boat ride and be amazed at all you can see, such as plants, fish and the Texas River Cooter (it’s a turtle).

Tube the San Marcos River

If you are dying to get into the water, then swimming abounds at Sewell Park (where the college kids hang out) or Rio Vista Park (where everyone hangs out).  Rent a tube from the Lion’s Club, hit the water and ride the river to your heart’s content.

Olympic Outdoor Center

If you’re looking for a more extreme adventure, take a whitewater kayak lesson from skilled instructors at the Olympic Outdoor Center. This is some of the most fun you can have in Texas and who knows – you might just be the next medal-winning champ…


The Wittliff Collection

For the cultural side of town, you can always walk the square, shop at those famous outlets or head to Texas State University and pretend you’re still in college…. But my favorite thing to do is visit The Wittliff Collection at Texas State on the top floor of the library. This artist’s retreat has amazing works including a phenomenal collection of Lonesome Dove memorability — museum founder Bill Wittliff was the producer and screenwriter for this epic TV series.

Thompson Island Bridge

Legend has it that this bridge that crosses over the San Marcos River near Sewell Park is protected by a Confederate Soldier who died here during the Civil War. If you float too far past the pickup point at the park, you might just find this ghostly spot.


Herbert's Taco Hut

Once you dry off, you’re sure to be ravenous so head up the street to Herbert’s Taco Hut and grub on some delicious, authentic and secret recipes. The carne guisada plate is amazing and they’ve also been voted “Best Enchiladas” in Hays County multiple years running.

Root Cellar Cafe and Brewery

For something completely different every day and completely fresh, head to the Root Cellar Cafe and Brewery just off the square. Everything on this chef-inspired menu is amazing. I always just go with the special, and I’ve never gone wrong!

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