Bastrop, TX

Bastrop is a city tucked away along the winding Colorado River and lost within the Lost Pines.

To appreciate Bastrop, it is mandatory to exit Highway 71.  Or else you’d miss the three crown jewels of Bastrop: (1) the Colorado River, (2) Bastrop’s historic downtown, and (3) the Lost Pines.

For a first stop, I’d head straight downtown.  Grab a giant Chicken Fried Steak and sip sweet tea from a mason jar at Maxine’s on Main.  Then head over to Lock Drugs, a old pharmacy , and wash it all down with a hand-dipped Blue Bell milkshake from their old-fashioned soda fountain.  Downtown is also a great place to do some shopping, antiquing, and maybe grab an old-fashioned shave from John’s Barber Shop.  Also, don’t miss the chance to “spit off the bridge”.  Be sure to ask a local for details on this one.  For the best food outside of downtown, hit up Roadhouse where I highly recommend diving into a Jalapeno-Cream-Cheeseburger.  You won’t regret it.

If you seek the natural side of Bastrop, take a trip down the Colorado River along the El Camino Real Paddling Trail, a six mile trail winding around the city and finishing up at the Lost Pines Recreational Trails.  Rising Phoenix Adventures would be happy to set you up with a kayak or canoe.  You can also head to Bastrop State Park to see the famous “Lost Pines” – a group of Loblolly Pine trees that got separated from East Texas during the ice age and are now permanent residents of Bastrop.