Summertime Swimming Holes in Texas

Swimming Holes

“Summertime and the livin’ is easy.”  That’s how the popular song goes.  And if you’re living easy and living right in Texas, then you’ve found yourself sitting in a Lone-Star swimming hole staring up at the big Texas sky above.  You see, the Good Lord knew Texas was going to get hot in the summertime – and that’s why he gave us so many swimming holes.

You can find spots to beat the heat in every part of our state, but here are some of my favorite Central Texas Swimming holes.  Enjoy!  And Dive In!


I think the term “urban oasis” was invented specifically for this spot.  It’s right in the shadow of downtown Austin and it’s 68 degree water feels perfect year round, which is the perfect temperature on a blazing summer day.


The crystal clear water of Cypress Creek pools underneath massive trees.  Throw in a couple rope swings and you’ve got one of the best swimming holes in Texas.


Take the plunge off a 40 foot cliff into the waters of Inks Lake at Inks Lake State Park.  Or just sit on a float and watch others do it.  It’s your choice, and that’s the beauty of it.


  It’s a creek, a pool, and a massive limestone grotto.  It’s also one of the best “post card” shots in the Texas Hill Country.


Here you’ll find a swimming hole with dozens of natural springs trickling down a fern-covered wall and pooling into what feels like a secret oasis in Hawaii, yet 100% Texan.


What used to be a place to turn grain into bread, is now a place to turn a boring afternoon into an awesome day in the river.   It’s the San Marcos river to be exact and it flows just south of the town of Luling where you can bask in the sunshine, or slide down the moss-covered dam.

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Costume Party and Premiere at Rudy’s in Frisco, TX

Frisco Banner Blog
It’s a Rudy’s HALLOWEEN party of TEXAS proportions!

We’ve got an exciting new GRAPEVINE episode to premiere and Want YOU to be a part of the FUN!!!  So join me and The Daytripper crew on the night before Halloween and get a sneak peak of our “Christmas Capital of Texas” episode.  We’ll have prizes for costumes, trivia, free BBQ for bringing in a canned good, and lots of DAYTRIPPER fun!!!

Date: October 30, 2014
Location: Rudy’s “Country Store” and Bar-B-Q, 9828 Dallas Parkway, Frisco, TX MAP HERE
Time: 6:30-8pm (the episode screening will start at 7:30pm)

Cans For Q:  Like all our Rudy’s events, we will be collecting cans for our local food bank.  Bring in any canned item (or nonperishable food) and we’ll give you a free 1/4lb of brisket.  Now that’s a deal.  (one per customer)

Costume Contest:  You KNOW, The Daytripper likes costumes.  So don’t save your Halloween costumes for just one night.  Break them out early and come in your Halloween best.  We’ll have prizes for 1. Best Little Tripper Costume (0-5 years). 2. Scariest Costume.  3. Most Creative Costume.  and 4. Best Overall.  Of course you don’t have to dress up, but where’s the fun in that!

See you there!

Marble Falls Premiere Party – Oct 9th, 7pm, Uptown Theater

Marble Party

This is going to be awesome.  I always love premiering an episode in the featured city and THIS Thursday, October 9th, we will do just that as we premiere our Marble Falls episode at the historic Uptown Theater in downtown Marble Falls.  There will be free food, cash bar, and lots of mingling with the crew, along with a pop-up version of The Daytripper General Store.

This event is FREE and open to the public, however seating is limited.  So all we ask is that you RSVP with R-Bar and Grill by calling them at 830-693-2622.

Also, we will be accepting donations that night for the Burnet County Santa’s Helpers, so please bring an unwrapped toy and help make someone’s Christmas extra special this year.

I cant wait to see you there.  Vaya con Dios!

Season 6 starts TONIGHT on PBS

We’ve been working really hard on bringing you the best episodes in Texas, and Season 6 is going to be awesome.  It all kicks off this week on PBS.  The Texas stations and times are listed below.  See you on the road.

Thursday Evening
BasinPBS (Midland) - 7:00pm
KNCT (Killeen) - 7:30pm
KLRU (Austin) - 8:30pm
PanhandlePBS (Amarillo) - 8:30pm

Weekend Times
KCOS (El Paso) - Saturday 9:00am

KLRU (Austin) - Saturday 10:00am
KTTZ (Lubbock) - Saturday 10:30am

Coming Soon
KEDT (Corpus Christi) - Thursday, Oct 16 7:30pm

Houston Public Media - Saturday, Oct 18 3:30pm

We don’t have any information on KLRN (San Antonio), KMBH (Harlingen), or KAMU (Bryan-College Station).  We’ll get you that information as soon as we can.  Vaya con Dios Amigos.

Fort Worth’s Worth It

Fort Worth Header
I’ve always liked Fort Worth.  There’s just a rustic quality to the whole city that really appeals to me.  As a self-proclaimed history nerd and wanna-be cowboy, I must say that the answer to Terri Clark’s question “Is Fort Worth Worth It” is a resounding “YES!”
Even though it’s only a Texas-sized stone’s throw from Dallas, it couldn’t be more different.  You may have seen our Fort Worth episode featuring the city’s historic Stockyards District and world-class art museums (not to mention epic food).  However, that episode only scratched the surface of the “City of Cowboys and Culture.”  So with another episode bubbling in my head, I returned to Fort Worth to experience some of things I missed, both new and old…very old.
We checked in to the Omni Hotel downtown and headed immediately to the newly-remodeled Sundance Square.  We could have walked but opted instead to hop aboard “Molly the Trolly,” a free shuttle taking folks around downtown.  It couldn’t have been easier.
The new Sundance Square is fantastic!  And packed with folks dining, visiting, and just enjoying the night’s breeze.  It was crazy to think that this area used to be a parking lot. The vibe was something you’d expect to find in Europe, but not Fort Worth.  We ate on the patio of Bird Cafe.  Craft beer and craft food lovers take note – this place was great.  I had wild boar sausage on top of mashed sweet potatoes.
Over by the water fountains, the Fort Worthians (???sure???) were living it up.  Keeping our one-and-a-half year old from bolting toward the water was…”fun.”
Sundance Square
The next morning, I think our kids would have been happy just hanging out in the window of our room at the Omni, but I dragged them out of the hotel to explore.  Gotta teach em young.
We hit the road and headed to the Fort Worth Zoo.  I hadn’t visited since I was a kid and was just as excited about it as my kids were….OK, probably more excited.  I’m like a big, dumb kid anyway.  I loved this zoo.  All the animals (big and small) were out to play.
PLUS – the entire place was shaded.  If you’re a Texan, you know how important this is.  PLUS PLUS – they had GIGANTABUGS.  Seriously – Gigantic Bugs.   If you ever wanted to know what it felt like to live inside of Honey I Shrunk the Kids, just head to the zoo.
http://www.toddwhite.orgMy 5 year old was in heaven.  My bug-terrified wife – not so much.
For dinner that night we headed to Tim Love’s new restaurant Woodshed which is on the Trinity River.  It’s got an awesome outdoor patio.
And in typical chef fashion, rather than just stick with one sort of wood, Tim mixes it up with different logs for different dishes.  Awesome stuff.
The next morning, we hit up the Fort Worth Water Gardens.  As a kid, I remember these being roughly the size of Niagara Falls.  They weren’t quite as big as , but are still pretty huge.
That’s my 5 year old on the mountain
That’s my wife way down in the valley.  I told you this place was big.
Before heading home, we hit up Peters Brothers Hats (since 1911) which is still making hats the old fashioned way which takes something like 4 months to finish.  I didn’t get my head sized just yet.  I think I’ll save that for the episode.
And just one block over was the JFK memorial where President Kennedy gave a impromptu speech before heading to Dallas.
We left with much more still to see in Fort Worth, but that will have to wait for another trip.  I could probably do 5 more shows about this place.  If you’ve never been – get on the road and….Vaya con Dios Amigos!

Cell Phone Tips for Cross-Border Tripping


I was recently swimming in the Rio Grande inside Big Bend National Park and just a few feet to my right was Mexico.  I fondly remember the days of crossing the border as a kid to eat enchiladas and paletas.  As I sat in the river, my buddies and I started considering the idea of visiting the small Mexican village of Boquillas.  Of course, this requires a passport, but our other big question was – What do we do with our cell phones?

Can we make calls over there?  Can we snap and share photos?  We didn’t want to get charged a busload of money because we’d crossed some invisible barrier, but also didn’t want our cell phones to hold us back from exploring.  Ever wondered the same thing?

To find out more about how to travel internationally with a cell phone, I did some research and here’s what AT&T told me. For Texans who want to explore the great big world beyond our borders (which does in fact exist) but don’t want a big bill, here are some tips.

  • Review the International Plans.  It turns out that as soon as you use your cell phone outside of the US, you are on an international plan.  If you know you are going to use your phone, you can sign up for a plan before you go, or you can just use the pay-for-use rate, which is going to be more expensive.  Details on AT&T’s International Plans are right here.
  • Turn off your data. Without a prepaid plan, data usage is going to hurt.  So you might want to turn it off.  An easy way to do this is to switch your phone into “airplane mode” so you can still use your camera or listen to music without racking up your phone bill.  And if you want to keep your data on, post to social media sparingly each day so you can keep track of how much data you are using. If you plan to be posting often, turn off the automatic video play settings.  Those videos will use more data than you expect.
  • Be Prepared to Avoid WiFi.  WiFi can be spotty, before you embark on your international journey, make sure to look up and program into your phone any emergency numbers for your area – doctors, the embassy, tour buses…  This way you don’t have to use bad WiFi searching for these things once you land overseas. To further monitor when your phone is using WiFi, set your email settings to receive email manually instead of automatically, then only check your email when you are sure there is a WiFi network.
  • Customer Service is Helpful.  AT&T also suggests writing down their customer service number (916-843-4685) in case something comes up while you’re traveling. To ensure comfort while abroad, AT&T even has a roaming app that will track your data use and alert you to when your allotted number of minutes is about to expire. While AT&T devices work in more than 210 countries, you will want to make sure that your device will work in the country you are traveling to by checking the AT&T Travel Guide.  Other carriers should have something similar.
  • Bring a charger.  But not just any charger, an international charger so you can make sure your phone is ready to go.
  • Consider Insurance.  Remember to get some insurance before you leave to make sure your phone is covered in case of theft.

I hope this was helpful so the next time you consider jumping to Mexico or somewhere else, you’ll know what you’re getting into…at least from your cell phone.  As for the rest of your adventure – that’s up to you….


An Intern’s First Taste of Cuvee

Cuvee Cover 2

Howdy Daytrippers!  Let me first introduce myself…I am the summer intern, Linsey.  As a fellow Daytripper fan, it’s been fantastic to spend my days following Chet on his crazy adventures.  I’m having a blast!

A week into my internship, Chet found out I claimed to be a coffee-addict but hadn’t yet tried Cuvee Coffee.  Shocked and appalled, he immediately sent me to the Galaxy Bakery down the street to buy a cup.

If you’ve seen the Spicewood episode of The Daytripper, then you saw Chet take a tour of the Cuvee Coffee factory. If not – check this out.

Cuvee Coffee is one of America’s top specialty roasters, and they’re based right here in the Hill Country.  They roast their coffee meticulously, using formulas and coffee-labs to ensure the taste is just right.

While Cuvee gets their beans  from countries all around the world, including Brazil and El Salvador, I chose the Spicewood 71 Classic for my first cup. Usually, I need to load my coffee with tons of cream and sugar, but with Cuvee I didn’t. The taste was sweet and smooth, and not too strong, which I loved.

And since I enjoyed my first cup so much (and since Chet was paying, of course!) I just had to try the Cuvee Meritage Espresso. I’d never had a cup of espresso before and was expecting to be bombarded with bitter coffee grounds and overbearing tastes, yet Cuvee was just the opposite. It tasted fresh and sweet, with just the right of amount of kick to get me through the rest of my day. After all, coffee is an intern’s best friend!

So, fellow coffee lovers, grab yourself a cup of Cuvee, and raise a steaming mug to Texas family values and world-class taste!  I’m now a faithful drinker.

If you’ve never had it (or need to restock), Cuvee Coffee is now available via The Daytripper General Store where Chet is compiling some of his favorite Texas-based shirts, food, and cool stuff.  Order some today.  You won’t regret it.

Coffee Picture

NEW Texas Flag Shirts!


We just got some new shirts in and I am excited!  We have youth sizes and unisex adult sizes.  They are printed on a soft, ringspun shirt (Canvas Brand) and are cut in a modern fit, so size up if you want a looser shirt.

It’s the perfect shirt for Daytrippin’ Texas, or anywhere else you may roam.