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By chet | November 19, 2020

Howdy folks! Here’s where you can find all the products we’ve showcased on our social media during #GOTEXANThursday’s. Each of these products is GO TEXAN Certified, which means they’re really well made Texas products. And you know we love supporting Texas makers! So scroll through and check them out, because your new favorite product might just be a click away!

Nov. 19 – Fischer & Wieser Specialty Foods

I used Fischer & Wieser’s Texas Whiskey Glaze & Red Hot Jalapeno Jelly on my Grilled Pork Chops for a dinnertime masterpiece.  It was flavorful, tender and a perfect dab of sweet heat. GO TEXAN Partner Fischer & Wieser is making incredibly Texan jams, jellies and sauces right out of Fredericksburg, and whether you’re using them to step up your grilling game like I did, or you go the classic Texan route and throw them over a block of cream cheese, these sauces will class up any gathering. Shop all of their sauces HERE.

Dec. 3 – The Texas Penwright

Trying to *pen* down the perfect gift for your Texan-loving friends and family? Look no further than these pens from GO TEXAN Partner The Texas Penwright, which are made from mesquite tree and prickly pear cactus (yes, you read that right — CACTUS!) And although the materials they came from may be sharp (here’s looking at you, cactus) these beautiful pens write very smoothly. Find your new favorite pen HERE.

Dec. 10 – The ULTIMATE Holiday Gift Guide

These are the most epic Texas Christmas gifts you can give in 2020. We’ve partnered with GO TEXAN to bring you the Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide — and the coolest part? All of these gift ideas are made by Texans, which means you can shop small and impress your friends & family.

Dec. 17 – The Happy Toy Maker

Jerry Sims of GO TEXAN Partner the Happy Toy Maker is basically the Texan Santa Claus. Along with his wife and mother, he handcrafts these realistic metal semi-trucks, farm animals and even cattle trailer toys so you can get your little Texans started in the cowboy-lifestyle right from the start.

Dec. 31 – Black-Eyed Pea Vodka

We all need some extra luck in 2021, right? So, I give you Black-Eyed Pea Vodka from BlackEyed Distilling Co. in Fort Worth, TX. Perfect for when you need a whole lotta luck in the New Year. It’s 100% Texas-made using black-eyed peas and it goes down so, so smoothly. It doesn’t taste like peas…promise.

Jan. 14 – Bare Bucha

So I’m new to this Kombucha thing, but I’m catching on quickly. Bare Bucha out of Waco is some of the best I’ve ever had. And the flavors are incredible. Kombucha is fermented tea, but the fermentation process doesn’t produce alcohol (or at least only trace amounts). It gives the satisfaction and flavor of drinking a beer or cider, but without the alcohol or calories. Perfect for anyone doing Dry January or someone who doesn’t drink. Bare Bucha even has a tap room in Waco!

Jan. 21 – Gallivant Mawa Ice Creams

Y’all ever tried Black Sesame Ice Cream? It might be my new favorite flavor. Gallivant is making Indian-style “Mawa” Ice Creams out of Houston, TX that are inspired by real global flavors. This flight of ice creams took me on a flight around the world and they’re some of the most unique flavors I’ve ever tried.

Jan. 28 – Proletas High Protein Ice Cream

GO TEXAN Partner Proletas has done the impossible — they’ve created super-tasty Protein-packed Paletas (get it “Pro”…“Letas”). They’re the perfect post-workout snack because they’re designed to help your muscles repair after exercising and they have anywhere between 17-31 grams of protein (which is ALOT)! With flavors like cappuccino, dark chocolate and key lime pie, you might find yourself alternating between weight lifts and ice cream licks. And there ain’t no shame in that.

Feb. 11 – Los Pinos Ranch Wines

I’m definitely not a Master Sommelier and I may not know all the fancy words (like why does wine have “legs??”), but I can say with 100% confidence that Texas is making some amazing wines and this Los Pinos Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon from Pittsburg, Texas (not Pennsylvania) tastes delicious all the way down. It’s rich, smooth, velvety…and produced in EAST TEXAS using grapes from the Texas High Plains. They’ve become so popular that they added a second tasting room in the Hill Country outside of Fredericksburg. So, sip back and relax and CHEERS to great Texas wine.

Feb. 25 – Austin Gourmet Foods

Instead of fillers and tons of salt, the Texas-themed pastas from GO TEXAN Partner Austin Gourmet Foods are made from real ingredients like cracked pepper, garlic and tomato, and have the coolest names (here’s looking at you Pfantastic Pflugerville Roasted Garlic and Austin-tatious Spinach Basil Garlic!) They’ve also got a whole line of infused olive oils, balsamic vinegars and spices that are “magnifico!”

March 3 – Kolache Rolf’s

GO TEXAN partner Kolache Rolf’s in College Station, TX is making it easy to have your favorite road trip treat from the comfort of your home, no road trip necessary.  These real-deal Czech kolaches are handmade at the bakery, packaged up, and shipped to your hungry house. Pop ‘em in the microwave and — voila!! — you’ve got fresh fruity kolaches, warm klobasniky, and gooey cinnamon rolls!  Texas magic, y’all.

March 11 – Dublin Bottling Works

GO TEXAN Partner Dublin Bottling Works is the oldest soda bottling facility in the state. In fact, for almost 130 years, they’ve been providing afternoon pick-me-ups in the form of vibrant and colorful sodas in lip-smacking flavors like tart Green Apple and sour Cherry Limeade. Or you can go for classic Vintage Cola or Dublin Root Beer. And what truly sets these beverages apart is that they’re made with 100% pure cane sugar! These sodas shamROCK.

March 18 – McIntire Saddlery

Saddle up, y’all — today we’re talking LEATHER. And these ain’t just any leather goods, they’re hand tooled artworks by a true Texas Cowgirl at McIntire Saddlery in Cisco, TX.

March 25 – Whiski Designs

Whiski Designs is serving up fun stickers, cards, koozies and tees with a southwestern flair — and a TEXAS-SIZED amount of sass out of their shop in Dallas. Every design is hand-drawn and lettered by Whiski Designs owner India Hearne. Now that’s Texan talent, y’all!

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