#GOTEXANThursday Products

By chet | November 19, 2020

Howdy folks! Here’s where you can find all the products we’ve showcased on our social media during #GOTEXANThursday’s. Each of these products is GO TEXAN Certified, which means they’re really well made Texas products. And you know we love supporting Texas makers! So scroll through and check them out, because your new favorite product might just be a click away!

Nov. 19 – Fischer & Wieser Specialty Foods

I used Fischer & Wieser’s Texas Whiskey Glaze & Red Hot Jalapeno Jelly on my Grilled Pork Chops for a dinnertime masterpiece.  It was flavorful, tender and a perfect dab of sweet heat. GO TEXAN Partner Fischer & Wieser is making incredibly Texan jams, jellies and sauces right out of Fredericksburg, and whether you’re using them to step up your grilling game like I did, or you go the classic Texan route and throw them over a block of cream cheese, these sauces will class up any gathering. Shop all of their sauces HERE.

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