Chet’s Favorite Texas Products

By chet | April 26, 2022

Howdy folks! Here’s where you can find all the products we’ve showcased on our social media during #GOTEXANThursday. Each of one is GO TEXAN Certified, which means they’re a real-deal Texas-made product by an authentic Texas brand and often at a small family business. And you know we love supporting all of our Texas makers! So scroll through and check them out, because your new favorite product might just be a click away! Learn more about the GO TEXAN program HERE.

Kalisee, Allen, Texas

Live-Edge Wooden Boards

The only thing prettier than the cheese is the board that it’s sitting on. Let me introduce y’all to Kalisee boards out of Allen, Texas. #GOTEXANThursday This company specializes in live-edge wooden boards where you can see the shape and grain of the tree on the edges of the board. Ain’t no boring machine-squared edges here. They use locally-harvested Texas trees and handcraft these boards with antique handles. You can use it to display charcuterie, chips and dip, or even eat your lunch ham sandwiches off of it if you’re feeling extra fancy. Visit their site to order or find them at markets in the Dallas area. Learn more about other GO TEXAN partners at

Dirty Hands Candle Co, Canyon, TX

Hand-Crafted Leather Goods and Candles

How do you save your car from the Road Trip Stinkies? Well it’s #GoTexanThursday and I’ve got the solution. This leather air freshener from Dirty Hands Candle Co will turn your stink-mobile into a mobile saddle shop (or at least it will smell that way). 👃Based in Canyon, Texas, owners Mike and Becky Hudgins produce hand-crafted leather goods and candles that smell like a slice of Texas. The name comes from the fact that the owners are always happiest when their hands are dirty. And its hard work, grit, and love that make their products smell so good. In their words, the “Pearl Snap” candle “smells like a cowboy on a Saturday night dressed up to find his honkytonk angel.” That’s a smell and a feeling I can get behind. Check out their profile to learn more about them – Dirty Hands Candle Co. You can learn more about the amazing GO TEXAN program at You can learn more about some of my other favorite Texan companies here –

Sweetie’s Cheesecakes, Forth Worth, TX

Individual-Sized Cheesecakes in Mason Jars

When you’re trying to share some Sweetie’s Cheesecakes with your sweetie and someone crashes the party. It’s OK because it’s #GOTEXANThursday and there’s plenty to go around. Which flavor are you grabbing? Y’all need to know about this company. They’re Fort Worth based and create delicious, individual-sized cheesecakes in mason jars. With four year-round flavors and 30+ seasonal flavors. The “signature” has just a touch of lemon zest and the “mango habanero” brings the most amazing sweet 🔥. I recommend getting the four-pack, which they’ll ship to your door! Check out their page to order –Sweetie’s Cheesecakes.

Mmmpanadas, Austin, TX

Hand-made Latin Pies (often with meat!)

I love meat and I love pie crust. What happens if you put them together? MMMPANADAS! This Austin company was one of the first food trucks to run the Austin streets and now has their delicious meat pies available frozen in grocery stores across Texas. Are they great? Let’s just say – they’re MMMAZING. We cook some up and try them out.

Texas Q, Kingwood, TX

Barbecue Sauces

To sauce or not to sauce? That is the question. Great BBQ doesn’t need sauce. BUT – BBQ Sauce is the greatest condiment on the planet. So, what do you think? Well, it’s #GOTEXANThursday and I’m saucing everything with some delicious Texas Q sauce made in Kingwood, TX. The owner (Sloan Rinaldi) is one of the few female pit bosses in TX and has even represented TX on Food Network’s Grillmasters Tournament. Needless to say, she can smoke with the best of them. Sloan brings her amazing 4th-gen Texas tradition and passion to her Q. They have a killer food truck and all their of their sauces are 🔥. Next time you want some sauce to spice up your meal (it doesn’t have to be BBQ), then try this out.

Defaid Livestock Co., Snyder, TX

Lamb Chops – Lamb Loin


Where my lamb fans at? 🐑 It’s #GoTexanThursday and we’re cooking up some lamb chops and roast from Defaid Livestock Co. out of Snyder, Texas. This family-owned business raises sheep and goats for the herds of others, but recently decided to start offering their incredible lamb meats directly to customers. Lamb is one of the most popular proteins across the globe, but us Texans don’t eat enough of it. It’s packed full of great vitamins and tastes like nothing else. It’s lamb! I’m enjoying it more and more these days and Defaid is here to help all Texans become “lambventurous” too. As an added bonus, the family’s Defaid Emporium also makes incredible candies and snacks under the family brand that goes back to the early 1900’s. Learn more and order some at!

Juliette’s Wheelhouse, Houston, TX

Hand Made Pottery

Do you have a favorite coffee mug? Tall or short? 8oz or 32oz? I’m always amazed at how passionate and different we are when it comes to our preferred drinking vessel. Let me introduce you to my new favorite mug from Juliette’s Wheelhouse in Houston, TX – a proud GO TEXAN partner. ☕️#gotexanthursday

Yes, it’s got my name on it. So – extra points for that. But even better is the fact that it was handmade and stained by a true artist right here in Texas. Juliette is clearly passionate about what she does and creates some of the most beautiful mugs, cups, vases, and pottery I’ve ever seen. Because of her process, each piece is different. There’s just something cathartic about watching her etch designs into her pottery. Seriously, go watch. And, if you’re so inclined, hop over to her Etsy page and support this amazing Texas artist. Coffee just tastes better in one of her cups. Trust me on this. The last picture is one of her unique herb strippers, which I do love using in the kitchen. Juliette’s Wheelhouse Etsy Page.

Bello Tallow, Midland, TX

Organic Beef Tallow Skincare

Thank you COWS for your many delicious uses! And thank you Bello Tallow for turning beef tallow into superfood for skin. I’ve always wanted to cover my body in beef fat and now I can. 😉 Happy #GoTexanThursday y’all.

In all seriousness, I’m really digging this product. Bello Tallow out of Midland, Texas has taken high-quality, pure Texas tallow (aka rendered beef fat), whipped it, and mixed it with essential oils to create a creamy, delicious-smelling line of skincare products. While it may sound strange, tallow has properties that resemble the natural oils produced by our skin. Plus, it’s packed with vitamins and great for sensitive skin. The founder (Natalie) started this company after discovering the benefits of tallow and wanted to create a line of non-toxic, safe, and sustainable products. If you’re having dry knuckles and cracked elbows like me, you gotta try this stuff. I’ll be using the “Time Machine” as well. So let me know if I look like I’m filming Season One again. 🤠🐄

Get more info on Bello Tallow and other amazing GO TEXAN partners at

LoveHandle Phone Grips, Houston, TX

Yes, it’s 100% acceptable to show your love handles in public! Let me introduce you to LoveHandle Phone Grips out of Houston, Texas, making (by far) the best thing you’ll ever add to your phone. I’ve never liked adding anything to my phone that makes it bulkier in my pocket. But one day I slapped a LOVE HANDLE phone grip on my phone and it was a game changer. It’s a tight elastic band for the back of your phone. It’s slim and comfortable to hold about a dozen different ways – even with one finger. Plus – it comes in a Texas flag and an insane amount of other designs. The newest “PRO” versions even have a magnet and kickstand incorporated. I give it a thumbs up. And it looks like this hoodoo in Big Bend agrees.

Texana Brands, Artesia Wells, TX

Infused Olive Oils

If I’m cooking, I’m bringing the flavor. Smoke🔥, Spice🌶, Herbs🌿…I want all of it. This #GoTexanThursday, I’m packing some punch with Texana Brands infused olive oils. Of their 10 flavors – which one are you grabbing? This GO TEXAN partner grows its olives on a 150-acre orchard in Artesia Wells, TX (it’s about an hour from Laredo). It’s named after the owner’s great-great grandmother whose name was actually “Texana.” It doesn’t get much more Texan than that. They’re not only making some incredible oils, but they’re also working hard to educate the public on the value of using Texas olive oil. They’re great for cooking, dipping, dressings, and basically anything you’d use olive oil for, but maybe want an extra layer of flavor and spice. Hey, it’s TEXAS – bring the flavor!

1934 BBQ Sauce, Cedar Park, TX

Barbecue Sauces & Bloody Mary Mix

When the resolution is to eat more vegetables…. Let me introduce y’all to 1934 BBQ Sauce out of Cedar Park, making its signature BBQ sauce using a recipe that’s been enjoyed by the family and fellow Texans since 1934. It’s got no additives, fillers or preservatives and is made just like grandpa used to make it. It’s bold and peppery just like a Texas sauce should be, and the variations are 🔥.Their newest product is their BBQ-inspired and award-winning Bloody Mary mix, which is delicious. So, when you’re up early throwing a log on the smoker or using their 1934 sauce to glaze the ribs – you could be sipping on some 1934 too. Since we only have a few weeks of football left, you need to bring this to your next tailgate! 🍖🍗

For more information about awesome Texas products and makers, check out GO TEXAN.

The Texas Penwright, Pleasanton, TX

Wooden Handmade Pens

Sometimes I have thoughts about Texas. Sometimes I write them down. When I do, I prefer pens made of actual pieces of Texas. With the incredible The Texas Penwright pen in my hand, you can almost ignore my poorly drawn freehand of Texas — hey, like you could draw a better one?? #GOTEXANThursdayIf you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your Texan-loving friends and family, look no further than these pens from GO TEXAN Partner The Texas Penwright, made from mesquite tree & prickly pear cactus. Although the materials they came from may be sharp (here’s looking at you, cactus), these beautiful pens write very smoothly.

Blue Bell Creameries, Brenham, TX

I ate all the ICE CREAM!

I bought every flavor of Blue Bell at HEB…no joke! I grew up eating Blue Bell ice cream. I consider myself a Blue Bell expert, but can I guess the correct flavors BLINDFOLDED? My own family puts me to the test. How many can I get right? #GOTEXANThursday LEARN MORE:

Farmhouse Vineyards, Brownfield, TX

Texas Wine

A quiet moment on the back patio (when the kids are finally asleep) calls for some great wine, so we’re popping open some Farmhouse Vineyards “Ramble On” Red and letting the day disappear. This family-run winery is crafting some incredible wines and boasts 8 generations farming 7,000 acres of grapes, cotton, and more in the High Plains of Texas. As a business, they grow grapes for lots of wineries. But they’re taking special care when it comes to crafting their own wines using grapes from their home base in Brownfield, Texas. Check them out Whitehouse Parker, Farmhouse Vineyards Tasting Room in Brownfield or at their tasting room in Johnson City Farmhouse Vineyards Marketplace & Tipsy Trailer.

Texas Dog Goodies

GrandDog Bakery, Austin, TX – Woof Water, Austin, TX – A Joy Forever, Dallas, TX

Woof! Woof! Today’s all about dogs; a tripper’s best friend. Our furry buddy, Mr. Winston, enjoys tasty dog treats by GrandDog Bakery, quenches his doggie thirst from a Woof Water Bottle, and takes a warm bath with Dogtor Doolittle™ Poochie ‘Poo Solid Dog Shampoo by A Joy Forever Bath + Body.

Susan, founder of GrandDog Bakery, began making healthy treats for her daughter’s dog to help him live a healthier and happier life. She now sells and ships treats worldwide from Austin, TX. But she still makes them with love; one small batch at a time.

John, inventor of Woof Water, set out to create the best and simplest solution for keeping dogs easily hydrated with clean water. After 3 years of designs and prototypes, John finally got it right. Woof Water is proudly made in Austin, TX using only the finest materials.

A Joy Forever founder and Texan, Diane Seimetz Duncan, started crafting natural skin and home care products using simple, plant-based, ethically-sourced ingredients for herself. After experiencing the benefits of her natural products, she decided to share it with humans…and dogs alike.

Sweet Sensi, Austin, TX

CBD Products

You’ve heard of all the benefits of CBD products, but do they really work? I’ll explore that and more with artisanal full spectrum CBD products from Austin, TX based GO TEXAN partner Sweet Sensi. Can CBD help you? Watch and find out.

Unbounded Leather Company, Fort Worth, TX

Branded Leather Goods

I’ve always done my best writing on paper. At least, that’s when I enjoy it the most. There’s something about holding a pen in your hand and feeling the ink glide across the lines. Unbounded Leather Company out of Fort Worth, TX understands that texture matters and inspires. Unbounded is a small leather shop making genuine products that last. Products that have weight, quality, and in their words give you the courage to “live unbounded.” They have wallets, purses, keychains, and this awesome mason jar wrapped in a leather jacket. Does whiskey taste better out of a cup like this? Yes, it does. Go check them out and support small businesses like Unbounded Leather and other GO TEXAN makers.

Savor Patisserie, Dallas, TX

Texas Macarons with Insane Flavors

What’s the difference between a Macaron and a Macaroon? And did you know that a Texas company is making some of the best (and most creative) macaron’s this side of the Eiffel Tower? Well, now you do! It’s #GOTEXANThursday and we’re trying out the amazing French pastry/cookie made by Savor Patisserie out of Dallas, TX. Another amazing GO TEXAN partner.

Fredericksburg Cast Iron Co., Fredericksburg, TX

Cast Iron Cookware

The Cast Iron Skillet. Some love it. Some hate it. But in order to use it correctly, you’ve got to start by seasoning it correctly. This is a step-by-step tutorial of how to PROPERLY season a cast iron. Since it’s #GOTEXANThursday, we’re using a brand-new Fredericksburg Cast Iron made 100% in Texas. Check it out. And Happy Cooking.Learn more about this amazing company – Fredericksburg Cast Iron Co.

Dripping Springs Chocolate Company, Dripping Springs, TX

Chocolate With A Mission

We’re staying extra toasty over here for #GOTEXANThursday with hot cocoa from Dripping Springs Chocolate Company! But what chocolate bar should we crack into first?This company makes some of the best chocolate there is and does it the hard way. They ethically source RAW cacoa beans, grind them, blend them with ingredients, and form them into bars. They showed me around their shop in Dripping Springs and it was so cool to watch the process. Go check them out or hunt down at retailers across Texas.

Sassy Bubbles, Celina, TX

Bath Bombs, Shower Steamers, and More

It’s bath time on #GOTEXANThursday and I’ve roped in my top product tester. He wanted to eat everything but I told him it wasn’t food, just Sassy Bubbles Bath Bombs. These delicous-looking bath bombs are handmade in Celina, Texas. They fizz, foam, bubble, and some provide soothing aromatherapy. One even comes with a rubber ducky on top earning extra awesome points. My product tester gave them two ducks up. 🦆🦆

Seed and Petal, Richmond, TX


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If it’s a GO TEXAN product – I’m up for trying it. Even a “hibiscus clay mask” from Seed and Petal. Because hey – it’s #GOTEXANThursday. They may have thought these products were for my wife…but….why not. Laura did have to help me figure it out, though. This family business operates out of Richmond, Texas where they formulate organic skin and healthcare products. For this mother/daughter team, it’s all about transparency and knowing where products come from (it is going on your face after all). So, everything is certified organic and cruelty-free. As an added touch, every order comes with a packet or two of wildflower seeds. Our seeds are already in the ground. I got a whole array of products and tried them all. I must admit, it left my skin feeling pretty darn fantastic. I could get used to this. You can order online at

GelPro Mats, Waco, TX

Comfort Floor Mats

Holidays = home cooked food and family. But food and family = lots of standing around in the kitchen. I mean, that green bean casserole ain’t gonna make itself. This Texan company is here to help. Not with the casserole or family, but with the standing. It’s #GOTEXANThursday (on a Friday) and let me introduce y’all to GelPro mats.This GO TEXAN partner manufactures (in Waco) some amazing and Texas proud comfort floor mats that are so soft and springy they feel like you’re standing on a cloud. Like your kitchen floor is made of shoe insoles. These mats relieve pressure on your ankles, knees, back, toes, tibia, fibia, tarsals, metatarsals… you get the idea. They also come in a crazy assortment of sizes and colors. Check them out on their page or online at

Wicked Bold Chocolate, Highland Village, TX

We’re big fans of chocolate over here. Milk, dark, nutty. Now…vegan. Let me introduce y’all to Wicked BOLD Chocolate out of Highland Village, TX with a new store in Flower Mound. it’s #GOTEXANThursday🍫*This small batch chocolate was the result of a quest to find delicious chocolate without funky additives and ingredients. Owners Brooklyn and Deric now make tasty chocolate that’s organic, vegan, and direct trade. That makes it healthy, delicious, and Texan! The cayenne was 🔥 but my favorite was the hazelnut. Hunt some down at

Brockhouse Jerky, Seagoville, TX

The Good Jerky, Fort Worth, TX

All Y’all’s Foods, Cross Roads, TX

We all know you can “jerkify” beef, but what about salmon and soy beans? Well, Texans are making jerky out of almost everything. But is it good? This month at The Texan Table, we try Brockhouse Jerky beef jerky, The Good Jerky salmon jerky, and All Y’alls Foods It’s Jerky Y’all plant-based jerky. This ain’t your grandpappy’s jerky. #GOTEXANThursday

ROX by Tori and Mo, Grapevine, TX

Personalization and Promotion

As King George (Strait) says “You’ve got to have a ACE IN THE HOLE.” Check out this “Ace in Hole” boot wallet created by GO TEXAN partner ROX by Tori and Mo out of Grapevine, TX. It’s a “little secret that nobody knows…” This duo of Tori & Mo specializes in premium leather promotional items and can stamp your logo on anything from leather coasters to key chains to koozies. Yes, leather koozies. I’m getting an order in for The Daytripper World HQ now. Learn more at

Berdoll Pecan Candy & Gift Co., Cedar Creek, TX

Pecan Candy, Pecan Pies, and More

Feed others as you would have them feed you. I want a bite of Berdoll Pecan Candy & Gift Co. pie! So that’s what I’m feeding everyone. You may know this company as the giant squirrel on Hwy 71 between Austin and Bastrop. OR…the company with the 24 hour pecan pie vending machine. They are all of that, but also a 30+ year old family biz with 15,000+ trees. They make an insanely delicious pecan pie that they’ll ship straight to your door. Get one! Share it! Learn more at

Bernard’s Gourmet Foods, McKinney, TX


If you’re gonna make salsa in Texas, you better bring the FLAVOR and the HEAT. And let me tell you Bernard’s Gourmet Foods from McKinney, TX brings them both. Emphasis on the 🔥. Can I handle the heat from the awesome GO TEXAN partner? Watch and find out.

Philly Seafood, Palacios, TX

Texas shrimp season is HERE! And Texas Shrimp are some of the best on earth. I whip up some amazing shrimp ceviche and blackened shrimp tacos using wild-caught brown shrimp from Philly Seafood out of Palacios, Texas. Maybe I need my own cooking show? Or maybe I should stick with daytripping? Either way, the shrimp are DELICIOUS! #GOTEXANThursday

Dusty Road Farm, Normangee, TX

Goat’s Milk Bath Products

I shower with goats! 🛁🐐 OK, I’m just kiddin’ around (get it?). But these goat’s milk products from Dusty Road Farm have me feeling pretty darn MAAAAAA-gnificent on #GoTexanThursday. From the countryside of Normangee, Texas, this veteran-owned company is producing some amazing, all-natural products using the milk from some of the happiest, healthiest goats in Texas.🐐They have soap, lotion, milk bath, and more. 🛀🧼 They also make room spray, lip balm, and other non-milky products. If you don’t know about the benefits of goat milk for your skin, you need to learn quick. Seriously, this stuff is like magic. And I’m not kidding on that one.

Taylor Paladino, Dallas, TX

Tea Towels, Art, Stationery, and More

Taylor Paladino is a watercolor artist from Dallas and colors everything from armadillos to Big Tex to 🐮s in 🌻. He’s got a signature style for sure and prints it on cards, candles, stationary, tea towels, and more. Beyond being bright and beautiful, a lot of his stuff in pretty stinkin funny. He’s one of the many talented GO TEXAN partners we have in Texas.

Volleman’s Family Farm, Gustine, TX

Delicious Flavored Milks

Chocolate or Regular Milk? Or how about Strawberry or Vanilla Milk? Which one you picking? It’s National Dairy Month and #GoTexanThursday so we’re drinking all the flavors from Volleman’s Family Farm in Gustine, TX. This GO TEXAN partner is a family business focused on high-quality milk and environmental sustainability. That’s why they bottle in glass. Learn more at

Tumbleweed TexStyles, Frisco, TX

Tee Shirts, Hats, Stickers, and More

FACT: Texans love wearing shirts about Texas. So for #GOTEXANThursday let me introduce you to the best darn Texans making Texas shirts for Texans there is – Tumbleweed TexStyles. Co-founders Brian and Jeb were both public school teachers in Frisco ISD when they decided to start Tumbleweed TexStyles in 2011. From the first day, their designs have been 🔥. Just check their profile. I started wearing their shirts as soon as I found out about them and even invited them on our episode about Frisco, Texas. Swipe to see a pics. Their success has allowed them to give thousands of dollars back to public schools and for them to open a new flagship store in Frisco. Congrats y’all and as long as there’s a Texas, I’ll be wearing Tumbleweed TexStyles shirts.

Immaculate Beard Co., Dallas, TX

Beard Balms, Oils, and More

Describe your father’s (or husband’s) beard in one word. If you came up with anything less than “immaculate” then listen up, ’cause it’s #gotexanthursday. Today we’re featuring The Immaculate Beard making premium handmade gentlemen’s grooming supplies in Dallas, TX. The balms, oils, bars, and shampoos will keep your lucky man’s beard in tip-top condition. And they smell amazing. Seriously amazing. You’ll likely want to nestle in and live in his immaculate beard. The gift set makes an excellent Father’s Day gift and can be found at

Parker County Coffee Roasters, Weatherford, TX

Nothing like waking up to the taste of Texas with a little Parker County Coffee Roasters in my cup. Do y’all know where Parker County is? #GOTEXANThursdayIt’s just west of Fort Worth with its county seat in Weatherford. This town knows a LOT about cowboys and, as we know, cowboys LOVE their coffee. Owner Matt Herron is passionate about making the best “Texas born artisan coffee” out there. Each bag of “PCCR” is individually roasted and shipped out within 24 hours. The freshness is undeniable. Wrangle yourself a bag by visiting

Pretty Thai Brand, Austin, TX

Pizza Toppings

Have you ever wished your pizza pepper did more work? That it tasted like more than slightly spicy sawdust? Let me introduce you to Pretty Thai Brand out of Austin, TX with a Thai Chili Powder that’s 🔥 on pizza and anything that needs a flavor roundhouse kick. #GOTEXANThursday.

This couple (Kristen and Robert Strong) has a deep passion for clean, high quality ingredients that capture the flavors they’ve experienced across the world, including during Robert’s military service. After culinary school they started a food truck then went to farmers markets selling spices that are now available in grocery stores across Texas. It’s awesome to add some Asian spices to my cabinet which is severely lacking in that category. Just another excellent GO TEXAN partner!

Emporium Packaging and Spice, Temple, TX

Spice Kits for Chili, Gumbo, Dips, and More

It’s always chili weather in Texas! For #GoTexanThursday, we’re whipping up some beef chili using the Emporium Spice Chili Kit made in Temple, Texas.This company has been making their signature chili kits since the 1970s and they’re great if you want to whip up a classic “bowl of red.” But – beans or no beans?

Fredericksburg Farms, Fredericksburg, TX

Candles – Lotions – Soap – More

Bluebonnet season is coming! And I don’t know of a Texas maker that celebrates more than Fredericksburg Farms. They’ve got an entire line-up of soaps, lotions, and candles inspired by the official flower of the state of Texas. It’s #GoTexanThursday and I just saw my first 2022 bluebonnet – just one.

Fredericksburg Farms started as a Hill Country flower nursery selling poinsettias and geraniums. Before long they had expanded into gourmet sauces and rubs. And then came the incredible soaps and more. Their leather-scented stuff is amazing. They’re another amazing GO TEXAN partner.

Order online and smell for yourself at

HL Guest Handmade, Wheeler, TX

Custom Metalwork and Signs

Y’all check out this custom metal sign that HL Guest Handmade created for me for #GOTEXANThursday. This company is awesome. It was started by Hayden and Lauren Guest in 2015 after Hayden had been working as a field welder for years and they decided to take the leap of faith toward owning a small business. (Read the full story on their website). They can make virtually ANYTHING out of metal in their shop in Wheeler, Texas. So if you’re looking to put your logo on a metal sign, gate, bedframe…you need to give them a call.

They’re an incredible GO TEXAN partner making great stuff here in the Lone Star State.

Fischer & Wieser Specialty Foods

I used Fischer & Wieser’s Texas Whiskey Glaze & Red Hot Jalapeno Jelly on my Grilled Pork Chops for a dinnertime masterpiece.  It was flavorful, tender and a perfect dab of sweet heat. GO TEXAN Partner Fischer & Wieser is making incredibly Texan jams, jellies and sauces right out of Fredericksburg, and whether you’re using them to step up your grilling game like I did, or you go the classic Texan route and throw them over a block of cream cheese, these sauces will class up any gathering. Shop all of their sauces HERE.

The ULTIMATE Holiday Gift Guide

These are the most epic Texas Christmas gifts you can give in 2020. We’ve partnered with GO TEXAN to bring you the Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide — and the coolest part? All of these gift ideas are made by Texans, which means you can shop small and impress your friends & family.

The Happy Toy Maker

Jerry Sims of GO TEXAN Partner the Happy Toy Maker is basically the Texan Santa Claus. Along with his wife and mother, he handcrafts these realistic metal semi-trucks, farm animals and even cattle trailer toys so you can get your little Texans started in the cowboy-lifestyle right from the start.

Black-Eyed Pea Vodka

We all need some extra luck in 2021, right? So, I give you Black-Eyed Pea Vodka from BlackEyed Distilling Co. in Fort Worth, TX. Perfect for when you need a whole lotta luck in the New Year. It’s 100% Texas-made using black-eyed peas and it goes down so, so smoothly. It doesn’t taste like peas…promise.

Bare Bucha

So I’m new to this Kombucha thing, but I’m catching on quickly. Bare Bucha out of Waco is some of the best I’ve ever had. And the flavors are incredible. Kombucha is fermented tea, but the fermentation process doesn’t produce alcohol (or at least only trace amounts). It gives the satisfaction and flavor of drinking a beer or cider, but without the alcohol or calories. Perfect for anyone doing Dry January or someone who doesn’t drink. Bare Bucha even has a tap room in Waco!

Gallivant Mawa Ice Creams

Y’all ever tried Black Sesame Ice Cream? It might be my new favorite flavor. Gallivant is making Indian-style “Mawa” Ice Creams out of Houston, TX that are inspired by real global flavors. This flight of ice creams took me on a flight around the world and they’re some of the most unique flavors I’ve ever tried.

Proletas High Protein Ice Cream

GO TEXAN Partner Proletas has done the impossible — they’ve created super-tasty Protein-packed Paletas (get it “Pro”…“Letas”). They’re the perfect post-workout snack because they’re designed to help your muscles repair after exercising and they have anywhere between 17-31 grams of protein (which is ALOT)! With flavors like cappuccino, dark chocolate and key lime pie, you might find yourself alternating between weight lifts and ice cream licks. And there ain’t no shame in that.

Los Pinos Ranch Wines

I’m definitely not a Master Sommelier and I may not know all the fancy words (like why does wine have “legs??”), but I can say with 100% confidence that Texas is making some amazing wines and this Los Pinos Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon from Pittsburg, Texas (not Pennsylvania) tastes delicious all the way down. It’s rich, smooth, velvety…and produced in EAST TEXAS using grapes from the Texas High Plains. They’ve become so popular that they added a second tasting room in the Hill Country outside of Fredericksburg. So, sip back and relax and CHEERS to great Texas wine.

Austin Gourmet Foods

Instead of fillers and tons of salt, the Texas-themed pastas from GO TEXAN Partner Austin Gourmet Foods are made from real ingredients like cracked pepper, garlic and tomato, and have the coolest names (here’s looking at you Pfantastic Pflugerville Roasted Garlic and Austin-tatious Spinach Basil Garlic!) They’ve also got a whole line of infused olive oils, balsamic vinegars and spices that are “magnifico!”

Kolache Rolf’s

GO TEXAN partner Kolache Rolf’s in College Station, TX is making it easy to have your favorite road trip treat from the comfort of your home, no road trip necessary.  These real-deal Czech kolaches are handmade at the bakery, packaged up, and shipped to your hungry house. Pop ‘em in the microwave and — voila!! — you’ve got fresh fruity kolaches, warm klobasniky, and gooey cinnamon rolls!  Texas magic, y’all.

Dublin Bottling Works

GO TEXAN Partner Dublin Bottling Works is the oldest soda bottling facility in the state. In fact, for almost 130 years, they’ve been providing afternoon pick-me-ups in the form of vibrant and colorful sodas in lip-smacking flavors like tart Green Apple and sour Cherry Limeade. Or you can go for classic Vintage Cola or Dublin Root Beer. And what truly sets these beverages apart is that they’re made with 100% pure cane sugar! These sodas shamROCK.

McIntire Saddlery

Saddle up, y’all — today we’re talking LEATHER. And these ain’t just any leather goods, they’re hand tooled artworks by a true Texas Cowgirl at McIntire Saddlery in Cisco, TX.

Whiski Designs

Whiski Designs is serving up fun stickers, cards, koozies and tees with a southwestern flair — and a TEXAS-SIZED amount of sass out of their shop in Dallas. Every design is hand-drawn and lettered by Whiski Designs owner India Hearne. Now that’s Texan talent, y’all!

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