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By chet | October 2, 2012

You may have noticed that we’ve given our website a bit of a facelift. Okay, a really big facelift!

First thing you’ll notice on our homepage are featured stories on our “carousel.” Here you’ll find our latest daytrips and news on the show. As well on our homepage you’ll see a live-stream from our Facebook page and our Twitter account. If you haven’t followed us on either of those platforms, we invite you to do so. We use Facebook and Twitter to post real-time events and activities associated with the show.

Another great enhancement is overall navigation of the site. We’ve made finding the information you need easier and simpler without the need of a sextant or an advanced degree in cartography by centralizing all of our episodes onto the “DAYTRIPS” page/tab. Click on an actual day-trip location and you’ll find all the info you need on that specific trip, including locations featured on the show, the actual episode, a map of the area and some behind the scenes photos from the shoot. As well, you’ll get more recommendations to similar “DAYTRIPS” with “RELATED BLOG POSTS” and “MORE DAYTRIPS” on the local “DAYTRIPS” page.

And the biggest thing of all – we’ve integrated social media into every page, so be sure to share your thoughts via Facebook and post a Tweet, now all easily accessible from one page.

Special thanks to Libby Peterek, Jesse Overright, and Brionne Griffin at KLRU who helped us with the entire re-design and overhaul of our site. And thanks to Bill Stotesbery and Maury Sullivan at KLRU for supporting this project.

We’ll be working hard to bring you new blog posts from our team as we film new episodes and we’ll feature stories that we believe are important to you.

If you have any feedback on the website be sure to post your comments via Facebook or Twitter below.


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