WATCH: Cliff Jumping On Possum Kingdom Lake

By Chelsey Doering | May 3, 2021

Graham, TX

According to local captain and tour guide Jack Graham, one of the best things about Possum Kingdom Lake is that it’s not overly crowded.

“It’s one of the most beautiful lakes in Texas, and what’s been great about it in the 39 years I’ve been coming out here is that it hasn’t been known. So you don’t have a lot of lake traffic.”

The cliffs of Possum Kingdom are unrivaled. One formation in particular is known as Hell’s Gate: two stunning and sheer cliffs that beckon all who dare to enter. The cove was created by an oxbow of the original river channel and it makes a great place for people to hang out on the lake.

“That’s where people congregate for recreational fun,” says Graham, smiling. 

The craziest thing that happens here is the Red Bull Cliff Diving Championship, in which divers compete from heights between roughly 85 and 91 feet. So even if the devil on your shoulder tempts you to try jumping yourself, it’s best left to the professionals. In fact, jumping from any cliff higher than 20 feet around the lake is illegal.

Jumping from shorter cliffs around the lake is legal, however, and remains a popular pastime. Do you think you could take on one of these cliffs like Chet does?

IMAGE CONTENT: A man dressed in a red demon costume (Chet Garner) stands on top of a tall cliff at Possum Kingdom Lake.
There is a bright blue sky with clouds above him, green trees and cactus around him, and turquoise water below him.

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