The Tripper’s Guide to Christmas Shopping!

By Linsey Thut | November 15, 2018

Christmas is coming up fast, and the rush to find gifts is on. But don’t stress — we’ve got a Texas-sized list of gifts in The Daytripper General Store for every Texan in your life!

For the Texan who always forgets when Texas Independence Day is….

Whether they’re big planners or big forgetters, the 2019 Daytripper calendar is the gift they need.


For the Texan in your life who’s super stylish and always looks cool….

Or maybe they just look that way because the sun’s always in their eyes. Either way, these sunglasses can’t hurt.


For the Texan who’s always cold (or planning to trip somewhere that they actually have winter)…

Check out those thumb holes for added warmth! Now that’s what I call a hoodie.


For the Texan who’s always exploring the Great Outdoors….

If they’re outdoorsy — here’s the Big Bend Shirt. Into maps? We’ve got an awesome Topographic Map Shirt. Or if they’ve been all over, help them brag with this Texplorer shirt.


For the Jackalope-loving Texan in your life…

If you think we don’t love these mythic Texan creatures, then you don’t know Jack. But you can…by clicking here.


For the proud beer-drinkin’ (or brewin’) Texan…

True, the Texas heat may make us sweat, but our beers shouldn’t have to. Get a koozie¬†or two.


For that know-it-all Texan…

Although, that may be all of us…and there’s no shame in being a TEXpert.


For the Texan who’s always bragging about hitting all the top barbecue joints in Texas…

This shirt’s got a secret message. Get it?


For the Texan who’s always wearing a hat…

We’ve got a Texas flag hat and three new Daytripper Trucker Hats that they can swap out their cowboy hat for!


For one of them marathon-running, state-park exploring, mountain-climbing, active-type Texans…

You gotta reward those folks for workin’ out, instead of just eating chips and salsa like the rest of us. Get ’em a water bottle.

And we got a whole lot more for every Texan in your life. Shop our entire collection HERE.

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