What’s the Most Popular Car Name in Texas?

By chet | October 5, 2018

This past Tuesday was National Name Your Car Day, and here in Texas, we know that a car is more than just a vehicle — it’s part of the family! And in the Lone Star State, there’s no bond stronger than the one between a Texan and their pickup truck.

In honor of the fun holiday, Chevy worked with Harris Poll to survey hundreds of Texan pickup truck drivers to see how Texans feel about their trucks — and even what they name them! Below are a few of the results.


  • 63% of Texas pickup drivers consider their pickup truck a part of the family
  • 91% of Texas pickup truck drivers have used their truck to help others
  • 44% of Texas pickup drivers say they love their pickup more than any other object they own
  • 31% of Texans would rather give up TV than their truck

And of course, every cowboy’s gotta have a name for his horse. Here’s an info-graphic showing the Top Truck Names in Texas!

Find more of the stats from Chevy’s fun survey here.

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