The Sweethearts’ Guide to Texas Chocolate

By Linsey Thut | February 9, 2016

Valentine’s Day is this Sunday and that probably means you’re looking for a gift to show that special someone (or maybe just yourself) how much you care. Well Texas is chock full of sweets to give your sweets, so we’ve composed a list of the most unique chocolate shops around the state. From candied jalapeños to chocolate salami, these gifts aren’t your typical box of treats. Your Valentine’s heart will be as full of love as his or her stomach is of chocolate.

Cowboy Up truffles

Picture from Cowboy Up Chocolates


Cowboy-Up Chocolates – San Angelo, TX

This chocolate collection has every Texas-themed treat your Southern Sweetheart could hope for. They’ve got Texas-shaped truffles that come in flavors like Margarita, Chipotle Pecan and Lavender.  They have “Sneeze Nuts” which are giant chocolate-covered cashews. They even have multiple selections for the Bacon Lover in your life like maple pecan brittle made with smoked bacon called “Squittle” and “Pork & Pops” which combine popcorn, bacon, caramel, white chocolate and bacon in the most beautiful of ways.



Picture by Wiseman House Chocolates

Wiseman House Chocolates – Hico, TX

This chocolate shop is located in a little house in Hico, TX and is best known for it’s fresh made ganache that is dipped in chocolate and decorated by hand. Wiseman’s ganache-filled truffles are so famous it was chosen to be the only chocolates served at the 2009 Texas Presidential Inaugural Ball in Washington D.C. With gourmet flavors like Dark Rufus (a dark chocolate truffle) or Snooky (a dark chocolate coffee truffle), your love’s taste buds are sure to be satisfied.

Maggie Louise Confections

Picture by Maggie Louise Confections

Maggie Louise Confections -Austin, TX

These chocolates are just as pretty as they are delicious! Instead of a classic box of chocolates, give your Valentine a box of shimmery and colorful chocolate kisses and hearts. And if you want a twist on the traditional conversation hearts, customize your own three-letter phrases with Maggie Louise’s Mini-Word Box. They even offer edible lipsticks for the girly-girl in your life.



Picture by Dr. Sue’s Chocolate and Gourmet Candy

 Dr. Sue’s Chocolate and Gourmet Candy – Grapevine, TX

Looking to chow on chocolate without the calorie-counting guilt? Then Dr. Sue’s Chocolate and Gourmet Candy has got just what you need. A practicing physician, Dr. Sue has made it her mission to create nutritious dark chocolate treats. With decadent candies like Ginger Pumpkin Spice Bark and Midnight Mocha Bark, you definitely don’t have to worry about sacrificing taste for nutrition. And if you want to turn up the heat this Valentine’s day, try Dr. Sue’s Texas Mediants: a dark-chocolate wafer topped with candied jalepenos and sea salt. Or maybe the Hatch Chile Citrus Bark.


Lakings Ambrosia

Picture by La King’s Confectionery

 La King’s Confectionery – Galveston, TX

If you’re looking for something more than just chocolaty-goodness, than La King’s has you covered. This classic soda fountain-meets-ice-cream-shop has been turning out amazing fudges, soda treats and candies of every kind for 89 years. Their specialties include Milk Chocolate Pecan Bark, Ambrosia and Pecan Pralines.



Picture by My Chocolate Secrets

My Chocolate Secrets – Dallas, TX

Ladies, you want to show your man you love him, but don’t want to get too mushy with a stuffed bear and rose-shaped chocolates? Well, look no more. My Chocolate Secrets has found a way to show your manly-man you adore him. Perhaps he wants a life-sized chocolate basketball customized with his favorite team that he can take turns swishing in the basket and dunking in his mouth. Or if your go-to gift for him is a tie, then switch it up and get him a “Cocoa Couture” tie. And if he likes the traditional romantic sweets like bonbons or chocolate covered strawberries, they’ve got that too.



Picture by Quintessential Chocolates

Quintessential Chocolates – Fredericksburg, TX

If your sweetheart is always whining about how you never get them a romantic Valentines gift, then treat them to some wine-filled chocolates from Quintessential Chocolates. These chocolates are filled with real wines from the Fredericksburg Winery like the Cabernet Sauvignon or the Enchanted Rock Red wines. If liqueur is more your style, they also have a huge assortment of spirit-filled chocolates like Tennessee Whiskey and tequila. You can order these chocolates online or at their retail store Chocolat in Fredericksburg, TX.



Picture by CocoAndre Chocolatier

CocoAndre Chocolatier – Dallas, TX

You can’t buy love, but you can buy chocolate heels in a wide range of designs and colors
at CocoAndre in Dallas, TX and that’s close enough. But if these pricey pumps aren’t your style (they cost $50-$70) they also sell Chocolate Frog Princes for $12 and edible Eiffel Towers for $3.75. Personally, I’m thinking of buying their Texas-shaped chocolate bars and candy cowboy boots for everyone on the Daytripper crew…


Chocolate Bar

Picture by The Chocolate Bar

The Chocolate Bar – Houston, TX

This may just be the chocolate paradise your heart has been longing for. Chocoholics take heart because this shop has chocolate covered with chocolate, stuffed with chocolate and then drenched in more chocolate. For a slice of heaven, you can order their Valentine’s Chocolate Pizza which is a slab of milk chocolate covered with white chocolate, dried fruits and nuts. If you dream of something more savory for your sweetie, try their Texas Frito Brittle. If your furry friend is your Valentine this year (no shame!) they have V-Day Dog Treats. Stop in to one of their two Houston locations to check out their Chocolate Champagne Bottles, 3 oz. chocolate bars, and large assortment of sugar-free chocolates.


Salami Dude Sweet

Picture by Dude, Sweet Chocolate

Dude, Sweet Chocolate – Dallas, TX

If your Valentine has a health-conscious sweet tooth, then Dude, Sweet is the place to shop. They’ve got a variety of decadent, yet nutritious, treats like Truly Chocolate Granola and their signature Vegan Chocolate “Salami” which is a chocolate log filled with dates and figs and rolled in powdered sugar. But, on the other end, they also have something for the broken-hearted who just want to stuff their faces this weekend. Namely their Break-Up Potion, which is a rich dark agave nectar based syrup that does wonders in a Chocolate Martini or drizzled over a bowl of ice cream. You can find these and so much more at one of their three locations in Dallas and Fort Worth.


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