The Flatest Chetest Winners

By chet | August 20, 2019

We had hundreds (thousands?) of awesome #FlatChet entries, and it was a really tough choice, but — DRUMROLL PLEASE — here are the WINNERS!!!!

If you’re on this list, please share and brag with all your friends. Also, check your social inbox as we’ll be touching base and sending you your special Daytripper prize! If you didn’t win…start plotting for next summer.

Chet’s Overall Winner


This post gave us all the feels. Chet’s in a backback. She’s flyfishing with dad on a river by the mountains. It’s awesome. This is what summer adventures should look like. So it’s our OVERALL WINNER! Congrats to Denise and her daughter!

Tastiest #FlatChet

It was a hard (and hunger-inducing) decision, but in the end Teddy and his smorgasbord of Greek food won our stomachs over. Check his profile and you’ll see lots of food pics with #FlatChet. Honorable Mentions go to Jennifer C. with her Round Rock Donuts & Fried Chicken from Underwood’s Cafeteria, Bryan Vinson and his Rudy’s Bar-B-Q Breakfast tacos and Luvit BBQ (because we also loved #FlatChet’s apron).

Best Dressed #FlatChet

Y’all created some AWESOME clothes and costumes for #FlatChet and we were very impressed. First place in this category goes to Windy with “Hawaiian Chet” because…well, COCONUT BRA. Honorable mentions go to Kristie’s “Hamilchet,” Scott’s Boy scout Chet, Tracey’s “Hot Pants Chet,” and Oleksandr’s Ukranian Chet.

Best “Deja Chet” (aka Flat Chet recreating a photo of 3D Chet)

The winner of this category was Jennifer D. with her almost perfect recreation of the Round Rock photo above. Honorable Mentions go to Brad’s Texas Basket Company photo, Allison’s Route 66 photo and @newswissfarms Dolan Falls recreation.

Best Use of #FlatChet as a Projectile

This wasn’t a category we saw coming, but it became clear that it was one we needed. Winners are Mad Science with their Rocketship Chet and Honorable Mention goes to The Alamo with Cannon Chet.

Farthest #FlatChet Traveled

Ed L. takes this one with his trip to India (approximately 9K miles from Austin!). Next up is Wynn in the West Bank (7K miles) and Oleksandr in Ukraine (6K miles).

Highest #FlatChet Traveled

Y’all took #FlatChet to new heights with this competition. Winner Jennifer C. took him up to 14,260 ft., while honorable mention Lisa H. was just a couple dozen feet behind at 14,229 ft. We’re giving her a prize too because she hiked this 14’er. Kristen M. reached 12, 005 ft.

Most Photos with #FlatChet

Michael W. blew away the competition on this one with 58 TOTAL PHOTOS with #FlatChet. That’s an epic road trip for sure! We’re also sending our Honorable Mention a prize on this one because she was super close. Congrats Stephanie!

Most Texan #FlatChet

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#flatchet makes a stop at the @texasoutdoormusical !

A post shared by Allison Kirchner (@allisondkirchner) on

This one was a very tough choice. There were SO MANY awesome Texas photos with #FlatChet, but this photo by Allison K. in front of the Texas sign at Palo Duro Canyon before she watched the TEXAS Outdoor Musical (about the origins of Texas) was just SO Texan that it’s our winner. Honorable Mentions go to Heidi’s photo in front of the Alamo and Jennifer’s photo at Washington-on-the-Brazos.

Most Wrong #FlatChet

These photos are just downright wrong… First place goes to Bucket List Chet because, erm, well wrong show, and honorable mention goes to Ashley’s Aggie Flat Chet because that maroon just hurt Chet eyes.

Funniest #FlatChet

Mandi and her creative Flat Chet photos kept us rolling on the floor laughing, so we had to reward that. Though this photo was our top pick for this category, her Leaning Tower of Pisa Flat Chet is also worth checking out.

And before we go, a couple photos from our crew…

Vaya con Dios, #FlatChet…

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