#QueBrewTexas WINNERS

By chet | March 6, 2017

To celebrate Texas Independence Day (March 2nd) we partnered up with Rudy’s Bar-B-Q and Lone Star Beer for a Texas-sized contest. We asked you guys to be your MOST TEXAN and/or to have your MOST TEXAN MEAL ever. Well we went through TONS of entries. And here are the winners.


Winner of a full Rudy’s Brisket from Rudy’s Anywhere and Lone Star BBQ set.

Jim Davidson – Chicken Fried Texas

Happy Texas Independence Day! #quebrewtexas

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REASON: We really liked Jim’s combination of chicken fried steak (invented in Texas), jalapenos (our state pepper), pecan pie (our state dessert made with our state nut) and the Official National Beer of Texas! Pass me a fork Jim, because I want a bite.


Winner of a $20 Rudy’s gift card and Lone Star hat.

Dennis Bosquez – Mr. Tats

REASON: These fajitas and bacon-wrapped peppers look amazing. And we can only assume this guy got his custom “Lone Star” tattoo just for our contest. OK, probably not, but it shows a permanent commitment to the Lone Star State that rivals even our own. 😊



Winners of a shaker of Rudy’s rub and a Lone Star bandana. OK – we couldn’t pick just one, so we picked four.  Enjoy.

Laura Chapman – Frito Pie, Sheet Cake, and Hay

REASON – We like the idea that Laura is eating this meal on hay. That makes for a dang good dining room table. There’s also a great combo of Texas food – frito pie, Texas sheet cake and my favorite BBQ dessert – banana pudding.

Susie Hampe Hagedorn – Flags over Lunch

REASON: Check out this spread. The 1824 flag, blue bell, beer, and Whataburger. Extra points because she’s using the spicy ketchup.

Jerrod Whitman – El Senor Texas


REASON: This guy has the full backyard spread. He’s not eating anything, but his shirt says “TACOS” so we’ll count it. But the flag, the music, the beer. He’s the real deal.

Aaron Haley – BBQ and BEER, need we say more.

How do you do #texasindependenceday up right?! @brownsbbq_atx and a @lonestarbeer #quebrewtexas #bbq #beer #Austin

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REASON: This drool-worthy shot has two of my favorite things – BBQ and beer. And that makes Aaron a winner — in contest and in life.


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