This town calls itself “A Little Bit of Heaven”. And the funny thing is – they may be right. Wimberley is an artist’s haven in the truest sense. It must be the rolling hills that inspire the inner soul, but whatever it is, you’ll want to check it out.


Wimberley Glassworks

Local artisans peddle their craft all around the Wimberley Town Square. Outside of town, you can visit the very prominent artists behind Wimberley Glassworks. Not only can you peruse a gallery of breathtaking glass artworks like light fixtures and vases, but you can also watch glassblowing demonstrations to see how the pros do it.

Corral Theater

If you are there during the summer time, there’s nothing better than capping off your day with a movie under the stars at the Corral Theater which shows current movies in an old horse corral. You can sit in the chairs at the theater or bring your own, either way, you’re bound to have the best seat in Texas as you enjoy the movie and the beautiful night sky at the same time.

The Devil's Backbone

There’s nothing better than cruising with the top down…well except cruising down one of the most scenic drives in Texas, the Devil’s Backbone on Highway 32. The route gets its name from the rolling hills and vertebrae-like rock outcroppings, but there’s really nothing devilish about it — it’s a heavenly view!


Prayer Mountain

Wimberley boasts some of the most beautiful nature in the Hill Country. The best way to see a panoramic view of it all is at the top of Prayer Mountain (aka “Old Baldy”). And if you’re not much of a mountain climber, don’t worry — it’s actually a mound with 218 stairs leading up the mountain to the “bald” rocky top where you can see the hilly Texas landscape for miles and miles.

Blue Hole

To take in the work of the great Artist who created everything, take a dip in Blue Hole, one of Texas’s finest swimming holes. Just one look at the water and you’ll know why it’s called “Blue Hole.” And there’s even a rope swing so you can spend the afternoon just hanging around… (sorry, I had to!)


Brewster's Pizza

All this art will leave you starving, so I highly recommend fixing that at Brewster’s Pizza (also home of the Wimberley Brewing Company) which is run by the Collie family from top to bottom. What could be better than washing down a delicious slice of hand-tossed pizza with a ice cold pint of handcrafted beer? NOTHING!

Ino'z Brew and Chew

Enjoy the great outdoors of Wimberley while you eat by heading to Ino’z Brew & Chew. Here, you can dive into a burger by the creek. You can even bring your furry friend, as this place is dog friendly.



Wimberley Pie Co.

Grab a sweet treat at Wimberley Pie Co. on the Square where you’ll find some of the best pies in town. I suggest the Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie — it’s out of this world!

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