Seguin has been around since the dawn of Texas, but that doesn't mean this place is outdated. Actually -- it's full of fresh adventures and spots you'd never expect to find. From classic haunts to renovated historic buildings, this place is anything but ordinary.


3 of the World's Largest Statues

This town has quite some nutty history. To honor Seguin’s long legacy of pecans, they built the world’s largest pecan statue in 1962 (5 feet tall) on the courthouse lawn. Then in 2002, John Pape decided to up the ante and build an even larger pecan statue (11 feet tall) outside of Pape Pecan house. Little did he know, Brunswick, MO, had already beat them out for the world’s largest pecan with an even larger statue. Finally in 2010, Seguin reclaimed the title (for now) with the 16-foot monster outside the Texas Agricultural Center.

Pape Pecan House

Seguin is also home to the World’s Largest Nutcracker Collection. Head on to Pape Pecan House to peruse the collection of over eight thousand crackers from all around the world including characters like Darth Vader, figurines like the presidents and even some you’ve never even seen before.



Sebastopol House

This home is a historic wonder. Not only is it made entirely of “limecrete” (a form of early concrete), but it is built in the Greek Revival style and has a special way of storing water on the roof. It’s definitley worth a visit — especially to see the special exhibit on freed slaves who made a huge difference in history.


Haunted Magnolia Hotel

As one of the oldest cities in Texas, it should come as no surprise that Seguin has it’s fair share of ghost stories — most of which are at this 1844 hotel. Take a tour using fancy ghost hunting tools to see if you can meet all 13 of the spirits haunting this old building. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you’re in for a truly good scare.


Guero's Backyard Restaurant

Guero’s Backyard is like an upscale neighborhood block party — except instead of burnt hamburgers and cold hotdogs, they’re serving up some of the best fusion street tacos you’ve ever eaten. Filled with fresh ingredients like sesame crusted ahi tuna, seared flank steak and collard greens, and they’re unlike anything you’ve tasted before.

Powerplant Texas Grill

Sitting on Texas’s own version of Niagra Falls is an old power plant that’s been converted to a comfort food cafe with an electric atmosphere. I highly suggest the Chicken Fried Steak smothered in Queso because, well, you can’t get anymore Texan than that.


Son's Island

Who would’ve thought that the perfect island getaway would be smack in the middle of Texas? Sons island is a tropical paradise and natural island miles away from the nearest ocean, full of cabanas, hammocks, water fun and island vibes!


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