Sitting near the doorway to the West, this Texas town is brimming with history, sheep and food. And whether you pronounce it SNAN-gelo, Angelo or – as it looks – San Angelo, you’re bound to enjoy your stay in this Wild West frontier.


Fort Concho

To truly travel back to the frontier days, tour the historic Fort Concho, the place that started it all. The fort’s cramped soldiers’ barracks and stately officers’ quarters paint a picture of life on the frontier. And if you’re dying to spend a night like a Texas soldier, the fort will even let you stay the night in the Officer’s Quarters.

Sheep Statues

Since San Angelo is known as the “Wool and Mohair Capital of the World,” you (or rather “ewe”) will want to check out the Sheep Statues scattered all across the city. Don’t be baah-shful, get a picture with the “Gold Rush” Sheep or the “Coat of Many Colors” Sheep.

Miss Hattie's Bordello Museum

To learn more about the women of the Wild West, visit Miss Hattie’s Bordello Museum. The dim lighting and original furniture of this authentic Texas bordello will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time 100 years ago to the most famous bordello west of the Colorado River. Legend has it that a secret tunnel under Miss Hattie’s Restaurant and Cathouse Lounge led to the bordello during its early days.

Mark Priest's Legend Jewelers

Out of the murky waters of the Concho River comes the legendary Concho Pearl, a rarity that is valued for its shimmery pink and purple hue. Mark Priest’s Legend Jewelers uses the pearls to create a unique piece of jewelry for each customer. Stop in and see Texas pearls worth over $250,000.



In such a booming town, you’ll need an equally powerful meal to start your day. Donutopia is a sugary wonderland where you can eat dessert for breakfast. Their doughnut creations come doused in syrup, frosted with whipped cream and sprinkled with bacon. You can even get a bacon-cheeseburger doughnut or doughnut breakfast sandwich — talk about the breakfast of champions!

Concho Pearl Icehouse

Unfortunately, the Concho Pearl Icehouse has closed since we filmed this episode.


San Angelo State Park

Explore the wild frontier and take in that West Texas air on one of the many trails at San Angelo State Park. The brushy land surrounding miles of rugged trails make it a great place for mountain biking. Just be careful – you’re in the middle of real nature so everything sticks, pokes or stings (AKA – don’t fall off your bike..).

Concho River Walk

For a far less rugged and way more artsy nature experience, meander through countless sculptures and public art installations along the Concho River Walk.

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