Port Isabel has one of the best beaches in Texas -- and it's not even on the coast! Dive into all the tropical fun you need for a coastal getaway in one of the oldest towns in South Texas.


Port Isabel Lighthouse

At the center of the city, this lighthouse shines like a beacon to all those who travel to Port Isabel. And though it’s light stopped glowing in 1905, it’s still one of the best spots to get an incredible view of town.


Port Isabel Historical Museums

In the historic general store is a museum with artifacts that prove that this town has been a summer resort destination since the 1800s. Next door at the Treasures of the Gulf museum, you can also wander through exhibits full of treasures from sunken Spanish Ships.

Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge

One of the most diverse habitats in Texas, this 98,000 acre wilderness is home to over 400 bird species and rare animals, like the endangered ocelot. Grab your binoculars and start exploring!



Sadly, since filming, Manuel’s has permanently closed after 37 years of business.

Los Tortugo's Seafood Market

Eating seafood on the coast is a must, and there’s no better place than at a fish market like Los Tortugo’s where the seafood dishes are served as fresh as they come. While they will cook whatever you catch, I highly suggest ordering their famous ceviche that’s made with a recipe so secret, that only a chosen few are allowed to make it.



Fishing the Bay

Since the water in the Port Isabel bay is saltier than the ocean, the bayfishing here is world-class. But to truly catch a whopper, you need Captain Curry to show you the sweet spots where you’ll find the biggest fish in the bay.

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