This ain't your typical coastal town -- you won't find tourist shops, crowded beaches, etc. But you will find salt, sun and deep history in this laidback beachside city. If you want a day on the bay, this is exactly where you need to be.


Matagorda Bay Nature Park

This 1300-acre park managed by the LCRA is a refreshing mix f coast, wetlands and prairielands. And it’s also where the Colorado River crashes into the Gulf of Mexico — a sight any Texan needs to take in.

The Matagorda Marsh

The Matagorda Marsh is a great place to kayak, because it’s somehow both peaceful and challenging. The waters in the dozens of paddling routes are undisturbed by motorized boats, making it a relaxing float, however, maneuvering around the grassy banks throughout keeps it an adventure.


City by the Sea Museum

In the middle of Palacios’s sleepy downtown is a place where history comes alive. Explore exhibits on the Karankawa Indians, the Camp Hulen military training base in Palacios in the 1930s, and even artifacts from the 1684 La Belle shipwreck. And when you’re done at the museum, sail the ocean blue in the La Petit Belle, a half-sized fully working vessel.



The Luther Hotel

The Luther Hotel was built in 1903, and has accommodated weary travels with historic hospitality and incredible views of the bay, but it is currently closed until further notice and facing possible demolition. The Palacios Preservation Committee has started a petition to Save the Luther.


Blessing Hotel Buffet

To get truly blessed, head to Blessing, TX for the massive Blessing Hotel Buffet that’s been run by Miss Helen for over 50 years. Devour dish after dish of homecookin’, like fried chicken, greens, and chicken and dumplings! In the words of Miss Helen, if you go away hungry from this buffet, that’s on you!

The Point

Since we filmed our episode, The Point has changed owners and now serves Mexican and comfort food.

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