You may not find any mountains in this Northeast Texas town, but your day trip through is sure to be pleasant... With legendary eats like sushi and cheesecake, a flight history all its own and a beautiful nature park, this is one town that's full of surprises!


Bo Pilgrim Head

Why did the chicken cross the road? Probably to see the giant Bo Pilgrim head… Unfortunately, since we filmed this episode, the head has been removed, but the building is still there. The famous chicken producer Pilgrim’s Pride was actually started in this neck of the woods (Pittsburg, TX to be exact!).

Mid America Flight Museum

At the Mid America Flight Museum, you’ll find 3 dozen vintage planes owned by collector and pilot Scott Glover…and the best part? Unlike other museums, you’re encouraged to TOUCH these military and commercial planes.

Northeast Texas Rural Heritage Museum

Stop by the Northeast Texas Rural Heritage Museum in an old train depot to discover who Pittsburg locals say really built the first airplane and see the Ezekiel Airship, that allegedly beat the Wright brothers to flight in 1902. Sure, it’s all speculation, but it’s definitely worth figuring out for yourself.


MAAK formerly Round Eye Sushi Guy

The hottest lunch spot in town is also the only place to get sushi in this part of the state. Yes, maybe East Texas sushi sounds like a disaster, but try a few of MAAK’s rolls filled with fresh fish and you’ll be hooked! Try the signature roll with tuna and salmon or the Texan roll with fried beef, cream cheese and green onion!

Laura's Cheesecake

For a mid-afternoon snack, head to Laura’s Cheesecakes, a hometown bakery so good that it ships all over the country! Try the Texas-shaped Turtle Cheesecake for a tasty trip through the state.

Pittsburg Hot Links

Pittsburg Hot Links serves up a local delicacy that are kind of hard to explain, but are addicting once you try them. These hot links aren’t barbecue and each person has a different way of eating them, but whether you eat them with hot sauce, crackers, chili or cheese, you’ll find that they hit the spot.


Lake Bob Sandlin State Park

Head to Lake Bob Sandlin State Park with a variety of outdoor activities to see some of the most beautiful sights in this part of Texas. If you hit it in the fall, you’ll find that the leaves have turned a stunning bright orange and red. In the warmer weather, this park’s great for swimming, and year round it’s an awesome place to mountain bike!

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