While Jefferson may fully deserve its title as the “B&B Capital of Texas,” it also deserves its title as “The Most Haunted Small Town in Texas." And with a bayou, swamp and some mean fried catfish -- this ain't your typical small Texas town!


Jefferson Historical Museum

The best place to get an education about town  is at the Jefferson Historical Museum — it’s overflowing with floors and floors of history. Here, you’ll learn about Jefferson’s booming days back when it’s location on the Big Cypress Bayou made it one of the top shipping towns in Texas!

Jefferson Texas Carriage Rides

Explore Jefferson in style with a Jefferson Texas Carriage ride. You’ll ride past the dozens of historic buildings in town, like the Jefferson Hotel and Excelsior House, an old 1850s hotel with a guest list that includes Steven Spielberg, Lady Bird Johnson and dozens more!

The Grove

Visit The Grove to discover why Jefferson is “The Most Haunted Small Town in Texas.” Built in 1861, this spooky house might just be your glimpse into “the other side.” While you’re touring it, keep your eyes peeled for “The Lady in White” who is one of the hotel’s most famous ghosts.

Jay Gould's Private Rail Car

Across from the Excelsior House, you’ll find the private rail car of Jay Gould, famous railroad tycoon in the 1800s. The rail car is luxurious with almost 12 rooms and is practically the modern equivalent of a private jet. It’s crazy seeing all he fit into this car!


Caddo State Park

To experience the beautiful side of northeast Texas, but one that is just as scary as Jefferson, itself, in its own swampy way, head to Caddo Lake. The State Park is a great way to experience the lake, but with towering cypress and gray Spanish moss, it’s easy to get turned around. If you want to really explore the lake, grab a tour with one of the local tour companies.


The Hamburger Store

Sadly, the Hamburger Store has permanently closed since filming.

Jefferson General Store

The Jefferson General Store has everything you need for a day trip and more! It’s got a hodgepodge of knicknacks from candy to toys to cowboy hats! But most important is the homemade pecan pralines and 5 cent coffee!

RiverBend Restaurant on Caddo Lake

If you’re hungry enough to eat the whole dang bayou, then head to RiverBend Restaurant where you can enjoy a waterfront meal of the whole catfish (seriously it’s still on the bone!) Each meal comes served with made-from-scratch coleslaw and hush puppies!

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