We bet you've heard of Kilgore and their Rangerettes (America's original drill team!), but did you know you can also eat authentic Hungarian food there, too? Kilgore will surprise you with its delicious food, rich heritage, and unique museums. Head on out to east Texas and find out for yourself!


Texas Broadcast Museum

The mission of the Texas Broadcast Museum is to collect, preserve, and showcase the history of electronic communications, educate, and entertain patrons of all ages, and to maintain a library of historical documents and media. Everyone who visits will find something to interest them in 8500+ square feet of collected memorabilia!

Kilgore Rangerette Museum

Gussie Nell Davis was asked in 1940 to create a show for halftime that would keep fans in their seats, and thus, America’s first drill team was born! The Rangerettes are legendary for a very good reason, and you can learn all about why when you visit their museum on Kilgore College’s campus.

Kilgore College East Texas Oil Museum

Did you know that Kilgore lies at the center of the most productive oil field in US history? At one point, on “The World’s Richest Acre,” there were more operating oil derricks on one street than anywhere else in the world.


Country Tavern Bar-B-Que

In the land of Texas where brisket is king – at this joint – the RIBS reign supreme.  They’ve been smoking and serving them up to hungry customers since 1939.  In fact, at one point, ribs was the only thing on the menu.  They’ve since expanded to a full blown restaurant with incredible food.  Don’t miss the dessert.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE CLIP.

Brigitta's Hungarian Restaurant

As the only Hungarian restaurant in Texas, Brigitta’s is truly unique. Head here for some delicious food seasoned with real Hungarian paprika – you haven’t had real paprika until you’ve tried it!  Don’t miss out on Hungarian classics like cabbage rolls and chicken paprikash.  It’s exotic yet unique at the same time.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE CLIP.


Bighead Creek Trail

East Texas mountain biking is unlike biking anywhere else, and for the outdoor enthusiast, it’s a must. Biking this trail means getting muddy, executing jumps, and generally having a great time.

World's Richest Acre

This park pays tribute to the town’s oil boom days with 24 wells that pumped more than 2.5 million barrels of oil over a 30 year period.

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