Nacogdoches may be the oldest city in Texas, but that doesn’t mean it feels old and crusty. Modern “Nac” is full of youthful energy pouring in from Stephen F. Austin University, and you’ll discover much more than history in this historic town.


Stone Fort Museum

If you want to dive right into the history of this town, start off at the Stone Fort Museum. This museum is a recreation of the first permanent structure in Nacogdoches built by the town’s founder Antonio Gil Y’Barbo in the 1700s.

The Nine Flags of Nacogdoches

Next, pop over to the Nacogdoches Visitor’s Center to learn about the “9 flags of Nacogdoches.”  (Yes, this town tops the State of Texas by 3 whole flags). While they’ve got the 6 flags of Texas — Spain, France, the Republic of Texas, the American Flag, Mexico and the Confederate of Texas — Nacogdoches also has three others… stop by the Visitor’s Center to find out where from!

The Historic Structures of Old Nac

Since Nacogdoches is the oldest town in Texas, you better believe that it’s filled with all sorts of historic buildings and museums where you can step back in time and experience the history of town for yourself. Visit the Sterne-Hoya House Museum and Library, an 1830s house owned by a Texas Revolution leader, Durst-Taylor Historic House and Gardens, an 1835 house that is the second oldest building in town and the old University Building known as the “mother of education in Texas.”



Millard's Crossing Historic Village

If you really want to experience the good old days in Nac, head to Millard’s Crossing for some hands-on learning. This reconstructed historic village is full of structures from the 1800s and 1900s where you can see first-hand what life was like in those days. You’ll never be more thankful for your home’s washing machine…


C.C.'s Smokehouse

When you get hungry, I recommend a 14 oz. “Cowboy Steak” from CC’s Smokehouse, about half of an inch thick and cooked on the flat top grill. It’s the kind of down-home restaurant and good eats you’d expect to find in this historic town. You’ll love it.

The Republic Steakhouse at Hotel Fredonia

For dinner, the best place in town is Hotel Fredonia, but don’t be fooled, the food at this hotel isn’t just for weary travelers — this is the local hang out and a great place to unwind after a long day of trippin’.


SFA Garden Arboretum

If you’re looking to get outside into nature, take casual stroll through the Stephen F. Austin University campus to see the Garden Arboretum. The garden is amazing year-round, but it’s especially beautiful in Spring when the azaleas bloom.

Zip Nac

Sadly, Zip Nac has permanently closed since we filmed this episode.

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