Kerrville is one of those special Hill Country towns where you can stay with tradition or try something new. Whether your idea of a good time is kicking back with a beer, jumping into a swimming hole or strolling through incredible art, this is your 'ville.


Downtown Kerrville

Downtown Kerrville is a great place to start your day. Whether you’re grabbing breakfast at the Hill Country Cafe, which is also the site of the first ever HEB or fueling up with espresso at the fashion-forward, velvet cushioned coffeehouse PAX. Another spot worth checking out is Schreiner Goods, an upscale department store named for the original pioneer Charles Schreiner, Sr., “the Father of the Hill Country.”

James Avery Visitor Center

In town is the headquarters of Texas’s most beloved jewelry maker. Tour the visitor’s center and store to see how James went from tinkering silver in his garage for nearby church camps to a global phenomenon. The museum also shows the entire manufacturing process from beginning to finished product.

Coming Kings Sculpture Prayer Gardens

This is Kerrville’s largest art installation, and also one of the largest in the US. It’s a beautiful representation of the life of Jesus, with sculptures depicting various stages of his life and the Bible spread out across the garden, with a 77-ft. tall cross in the middle. It’s a monumental work of art, designed to inspire and encourage, no matter your beliefs.

Stonehenge II

Out in Ingram, or “West K” to the locals, the Stonehenge II replica invites all who want to walk on the weird side. And to add to the oddity of this artwork are the neighboring Easter Island heads.



Pint & Plow

Handcrafted beer, gourmet food, weird murals — everything you need for a good time. The beer was brewed with the smooth finish in mind, resulting in a clean and refreshing sip. The food is made locally — with artisan pizza, scratch-made pretzels and pulled pork sandwiches from the local farm.

The Hunt Store

Grocery Store, Bank, and Local Pub? You got that right! Since 1946, this has been the cornerstone of Hunt, TX — and for good reason. They do all the things you’d expect a country store to do well — chicken fried steak, burgers, etc., plus more! Order the Hot Cruncy Shrimp with Mango Aioli for a shock to your tastebuds!


Ingram Dam

When the weather gets hot, the locals get slidin’. Right on the Guadalupe River the Ingram Dam is the Hill Country’s greatest (and most natural) waterslide. You can also drive up stream and find a more quite spot to hop in.

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