We all “Remember the Alamo” but so few “Remember Goliad,” a town that was just as important in securing a Texan victory during the Texas Revolution. Check out why it’s worth remembering


Presidio La Bahia

The major historical sites in Goliad make this town worth remembering and visiting. Start at Presidio La Bahia, a Spanish fort that became the location of the Goliad Massacre when Colonel Fannin and 341 other Texian men were executed within and surrounding the fort’s walls.

Goliad Area Historic Sites

While in the area, check out the Goliad Area Historic Sites. You’ll find Zaragoza House which was the birthplace of the Mexican hero of Cinco de Mayo, General Ignacio Seguin Zaragoza, Mission Espiritu Santo residing just down the road inside of Goliad State Park where you’ll learn why Goliad is considered the “Birthplace of Texas Ranching” and so much more!


Goliad Paddling Trail

To explore the great outdoors surrounding Goliad, take a trip down the Goliad Paddling Trail, a 6.6 mile stretch of the San Antonio River starting underneath Highway 59 and finishing up at Goliad State Park. You’ll find one of the best rope swings in Texas underneath the iron railroad bridge.

Goliad State Park

This is one well-rounded State Park. Not only can you hike, fish or camp, but you’ll also find tons of historic structures. It’s also a take-out point for the Goliad Paddling Trail.


Blue Quail Deli

When you get hungry, I highly recommend stopping by Blue Quail Deli for a sandwich on homemade bread and a cup of their famous and award-winning Cream of Jalapeno Soup. It’s both spicy and comforting!

The Empresario Restaurant

Sadly, the Empresario has permanently closed since this episode aired.

La Bahia Restaurant and Cantina

For traditional and tasty Tex-Mex, dine at La Bahia Restaurant and Cantina just beyond the Presidio La Bahia. You can get cheesy enchiladas and delicious chili con carne.

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