Chevy’s Texas Family Road Trips Survey

By chet | November 21, 2017

It’s the Holiday season and many folks will be jumping in the car and heading out on the road to visit family or just check out a new destination. As you’re heading out for Thanksgiving, check these interesting statistics Chevy found about Texas road trips!

In the national survey, Chevrolet found that more than half of Texas parents say traffic is the most stressful part of a family road trip (which makes sense with all that highway construction!) more so than keeping kids entertained and hearing the ever-present “Are we there yet?” Additionally, parents in Texas are most likely to prefer larger SUVS, more so than parents in California, Florida or New York.

1. Did you know that 82% of Texas parents say that their favorite part of going on a family road trip is spending time with family? Exploring and stopping at interesting locations/destinations came in second with 67% — here’s looking at you Trippers!

2. Listening to music and talking are Texas parents’ top two favorite ways to pass time during family road trips — because who doesn’t love a good family jam session??

3. 95% of Texas parents agree that in-car technology with navigation and connectivity make it much safer to take road trips today.

4. More than half (57%) of Texas parents that do not have WiFi/internet connectivity in their vehicles say they wish their vehicle had Wi-Fi/internet connectivity.

5. When using in vehicle entertainment, Texas parents mostly listen to the radio/use satellite radio (59%) and stream from tablets or other devices (51%).

6. 74% of Texas parents prefer SUVs when taking family road trips.

So what do you think? Does this sound like your road trip preferences? Find more information about the survey at

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