A Longhorn in Aggieland

By chet | November 17, 2017

Y’all know I’m a proud Texas Longhorn.  But when you get invited to experience a game on one of the most storied fields in college sports – you go!   End of story.   I had a chance to live out this life rule when I was invited to the Alabama vs A&M football game on Kyle Field.  So I threw on a maroon “Daytripper” shirt as a disguise (cause y’all know I wasn’t going to put on an actual Aggie shirt), and I headed into “enemy” territory.  What I found was both terrifying and amazing!  As you can see, I felt a little out of place.

A couple first observations.  1. The Aggies tailgate like champs.  And 2. Reveille looks way different in person.

As for the stadium – it was AWESOME!  The stands surround the playing field like the walls of the Roman Coliseum.  The noise levels are deafening.  If I was a visiting football player, this would be one of the most intimidating places to play on earth.

As an outsider, the terrifying part was watching the cheers and band.   For all 60 minutes of playing time, the students stand and constantly erupt into songs and chants.  Something about farming and delivering milk.  😉  It’s quite amazing…and scary.  Mostly I’ve got nothing but respect for the Aggies.  Their spirit is on another level.

It was a great game.  It didn’t turn out the way the Aggies hoped, but it was an incredible experience.  That night we got to stay at the brand new THE GEORGE hotel, named after President George H.W. Bush who’s Presidential Library is on campus.   It’s a mix of contemporary style and “old army” design.  Very cool place that could hold its own in any downtown Texas city.

Check out this Texas flag in the lobby.  Now I know what Aggies do with their books instead of reading them….#badjoke…or is it #dadjoke.


FINAL THOUGHTS: It was really really fun.  The Aggies may be crazy, but they do a lot of things right – especially when it comes to spirit and traditions.  And if you ever get the chance to attend an Aggie game at Kyle Field – GO!  1000 times.  GO!

Stay tuned for the video VLOG that I shot while there, and checkout Linsey’s take on Aggieland here.

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