2019 Crew Texas Travel Bucket List

By chet | January 3, 2019

As we start out the New Year at The Daytripper Headquarters, we’ve made a list with a few of our travel ambitions for 2019, because as we explore new parts of Texas together to make new episodes for you, we each have a couple spots of our own that we’d like to visit. Here are some of the places in Texas we each hope to explore this year!

Chet – “I’ve still got 48 counties to visit in order to pass into the 254 club. I don’t expect to knock them all out in 2019, but I’m aiming to hit up at least 10 more. Starting with Canadian, TX in Hemphill County.”

John Mark – “I want to trip to the McDonald Observatory in West Texas. I have a fascination with the night sky and I’ve heard this is the best place in Texas to take it all in.”

Ben – “In 2019, I want to go to Big Bend because I’ve never been there . It looks awesome, and it’s also almost my name.”

Alaina – “My bucket list is to take the European tour of Texas – Edinburg, Stockholm, New Braunfels, Fredericksburg, London, Florence, New Sweden, Holland, Dublin, Newcastle, Rhome, Italy, Athens, Paris, Manchester, Naples, Geneva, Belgrade, Nederland, and Liverpool.”

Linsey – “I’d like to explore San Antonio a little more this year. Like a true Texan, I’ve been to the Alamo a million times and eaten my weight in Tex-Mex, but I’d like to check out The Pearl district and stay in Hotel Emma. And if I happen to be in town for Fiesta San Antonio, well that’s just an awesome bonus.” 

Daniel – “I would like to travel out to West Texas and take my family to the McDonald Observatory to a star party so they can see how bright the stars really are far away from the big city.”

Richie Lozano – “I would like to spend a week in Marfa, Alpine and Fort Davis because in the over 100 episodes we’ve produced, these towns are the most peaceful, enveloping and comfortable towns we’ve gone to. Between the landscapes and the people, it’s a favorite part of Texas for me.”

Now that you’ve read our Texas Travel Bucket List, we challenge YOU to make your own. So, where do you hope to trip this year?

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