Part Texas. Part Mars. All Marfa. This West Texas town is a unique blossom of art and creativity in the desert and makes for one day trip unlike any other.


Presidio County Courthouse

To really get the lay of the land, head to the Presidio County Courthouse, which was built in 1886, where you’ll get a view of the entire town from the top of the courthouse.


Prada Marfa

If you pull up to this Prada store and were hoping to buy the designer’s new collection, well…sorry to disappoint but you won’t find any employees here — and none of the purses have bottoms…but that’s because this is an art installation instead of a store. Built in 2005, it’s just as artsy and strange as Marfa, itself!



The Chinati Foundation

For a truly Marfa-esque experience, visit the Chinati Foundation for artworks housed in 15 buildings by World famous artists, including Donald Judd. You’ll find art works that fill up entire warehouses, the works of John Chamberlain, the Car Crusher and altogether mind-blowing and brain twisting works of art.



Hotel Paisano

Transport yourself back in time by visiting Hotel Paisano. Not only is this classic hotel filled with amazing architecture, it’s also where Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean stayed during the filming of the 1956 classic film “Giant.”


Marfa Gliders

Besides being filled with amazing art and culture, Marfa is also world famous for gliding. Hop in a Glider with Marfa Gliders for smooth sailing through the air with an outstanding view of the town down below and the Davis Mountains in the distance!

Marfa Lights

The Marfa Lights are one of the greatest mysteries in Texas. The strange flashing lights have been around since the 1880s, and no one can for sure say what they are. Are they cars? UFO Lights? Ghosts? Guess you’ll have to visit to decide for yourself.


Squeeze Marfa

Unfortunately, this restaurant has permanently closed since filming.

Food Shark

Just like you wouldn’t expect to find a shark in the middle of the desert, you’d never guess that this Mediterranean food truck in far West Texas is one of the best eateries in town! You’ve gotta try the Marfalafel which is like a Greek salad topped with falafel balls and wrapped in a tortilla. Just be sure you get there early — it’s a Marfa favorite!

Pizza Foundation

This old garage has been transformed into one of the best pizzerias in West Texas. The hand-tossed slices come piled with gooey cheese and your choice of fresh local ingredients. Pizza Foundation is only open Friday – Sunday.

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